See the stunning trailer for See You On Venus before the book is out

See You on Venus by Victoria Vinuesa. Image Courtesy: Delacorte Press
See You on Venus by Victoria Vinuesa. Image Courtesy: Delacorte Press /

When a book becomes a movie, most people want to read it before it comes out. This time, it’s in reverse for See You On Venus by Victoria Vinuesa.

The book is becoming a movie before its release which is in September. However, that’s not to say you can’t still enjoy it. Sometimes, it’s best to watch the movie before the book because usually things are changed.

Of course, this time we can’t confirm since the movie is set for release in select theaters on July 21st. If you’re able, you could purchase your tickets early although I’m sure a lot of people will be headed to see Barbie or Oppenheimer.

See You On Venus has some steep competition for the box office that weekend but you can still plan to preorder the book even if you aren’t able to catch it in the theater.

See the amazing trailer for See You On Venus coming July 21st to select theaters.

While the trailer is the main pull here, it’s always nice to know that if you aren’t able to watch it, you have the book’s release to look forward to. I’m sure that one will be nationwide so there will be no worries on that front.

I don’t know about you, but that trailer is so cute and makes See You On Venus look like the perfect summer movie. There is something about a travel story that is ideal for watching during the summer. Plus it’s set in Spain which is another bonus point as most of us can’t travel there but watching a movie set there is nearly as good.

Of course, the major takeaway that I saw was that See You On Venus will be out in select theaters on July 21st but will be available on demand on July 25th. No matter which avenue you go down for the movie, we still have the book release to look forward to.

As mentioned, See You On Venus is written by Victoria Vinuesa and it’s her debut release so I’m going to include the description below.

"Mia has had a heart condition her whole life. She’s not afraid of dying but something has always stopped her from her biggest fear: tracking down her biological mother in Spain…until now. Before her next surgery, Mia wants to meet the woman who gave her away once and for all.Kyle has always been the life of the party…that was until the car accident that killed his best friend. Since then he’s been reeling with guilt and willing to do just about anything to escape his reality.After a twist of fate, Mia and Kyle meet and make the decision to travel to Spain together in search of answers they both desperately need to mend their broken hearts…but did the universe bind them together to change how they feel about death and love forever?"

If that synopsis sounds good to you or if you enjoy the movie, the book will be released on September 5th, 2023.

What do you think, my fellow readers? Will you be watching and reading See You on Venus

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