Lush Delivers Out-Of-This-World Suds with Asteroid City Collection

Lush x Asteroid City Collection. Courtesy of Lush USA and Focus Features
Lush x Asteroid City Collection. Courtesy of Lush USA and Focus Features /

Wes Anderson’s latest wonderfully weird filmAsteroid City, soared into theaters this weekend—but a trip to the movies isn’t the only way you can get in touch with your inner space cadet. In celebration of the film’s release, Anderson and Focus Features have teamed up with everyone’s favorite purveyor of bath bombs/beauty products, Lush, for a limited edition collection expired by the film. The collection includes a themed bath bomb, hand soap, shower gel, and shower jelly—all taking inspiration from the colors, characters, and other key elements of the film.

According to Lush Concepts Creative Director Melody Morton, deciding which scents would fit best for the colorful characters and settings of Asteroid City was a process that involved bringing back a fan-favorite scent: Space Girl.

“The vibrant aesthetic of Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City really inspired us to create a fun, nostalgic range of products packed full of benefit-led ingredients like exfoliating sand and cooling aloe vera. We loved that we could bring back our Space Girl fragrance as this is a fan favorite and it fits so well with the storytelling of the movie.” Morton said.

But aside from the adorable packaging and the unorthodox collab, are the products any good? Culturess was lucky enough to get our hands on the entire collection, so here’s our take on which products from Lush x Asteroid City need to be in your bathroom ASAP.

Asteroid Bath Bomb

You can never go wrong with a classic, and it doesn’t get more quintessential Lush than a bath bomb. This blue and purple concoction features crater-esque divots that mimic the titular asteroid from the film and will create an “ethereal bath” that includes shimmery stripes of purple, blue, red, and silver once it hits the water. The sweet, fruity smells of grapefruit and bergamot make this a perfect summer self-care treat and get our hearty seal of approval. This bundle of stardust will run you $9 on the Lush website.

Doomsday Soap

The matching piece to the Asteroid Bath Bomb is the Doomsday Soap, whose design features a massive crater in the center of the bar, presumably left by a massive asteroid. The soap is a warm reddish brown in color, and features “skin exfoliating sand” to give your skin an extra dewy sheen post-shower. Doomsday boasts a blackcurrant scent (the same as Lush’s classic “The Comforter” bubble bar, for brand devotees) and though you may want to skip it if you’ve got sensitive skin, the exfoliation left us feeling clean and refreshed. You can snag Doomsday for $10.

UFO Shower Jelly

Our favorite product in the collection is the colorful and oh-so-jiggly UFO shower jelly, which is bright green and (of course) flying saucer-shaped. With its bright, citrusy lime and neroli scent, this is the perfect perk-up on a hot summer day. You’ll be able to get your hands on this playful shower concoction for $9.50.

Asteroid City Shower Gel

Last but certainly not least is the eponymous Asteroid City shower gel, which boasts the grapefruit/bergamot combo of the Asteroid bath bomb while also featuring the blackcurrant sweetness from the Doomsday soap. A bright pastel blue, the gel’s signature shade fits in perfectly with the pastel landscapes found in Anderson’s film. You’ll get 8.4 sudsy ounces of product for $25.

The collection will only be available for a limited time so if you’re itching to get your hands on any of these out-of-this-world treats, act fast: all four products are available online or in-store at Lush’s brick-and-mortar location in Las Vegas.

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