Sweet Valley Twins: Teacher’s Pet: Read a fun excerpt

Sweet Valley Twins: Teacher's Pet. Image courtesy Random House Graphics.
Sweet Valley Twins: Teacher's Pet. Image courtesy Random House Graphics. /
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Sweet Valley Twins
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If you were a kid or a teenager in the 90s or late 2000s, then the name Sweet Valley Twins might mean something to you. Now, there is a new look at the Wakefield Twins with this graphic novel series.

As a fan of the original books and series, I can honestly say I loved Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. These two were always getting into something whether it be with people at school, family, or especially crushes.

All in all, the series was completely bonkers in my memory. However, this new revamped version of the Wakefield Twins is much tamer and is geared more toward younger readers. With the success of The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novel series, this makes a lot of sense.

That’s why I’m so excited to be able to share an excerpt from the upcoming release in the series. Entitled Sweet Valley Twins: Teacher’s Pet, we get a look at what Elizabeth and Jessica are up to especially when it comes to what they’re doing in their free time.

Before getting into anything else, I wanted to thank the publisher for both sending me these pages to share with you and for sending me a digital ARC. I really do think this series is fun so I’m always happy to give it a shoutout. Since this is a graphic novel, this is going to be a slightly longer excerpt with a few pages so I won’t waste any more time.

I’m going to be doing this as a slideshow so you’ll be able to skip to each one and read it so let’s just get into the excerpt before its June 27th release.