Cover Reveal: Any Duke in a Storm by Amalie Howard

Any Duke in A Storm. Image courtesy Sourcebooks Casablanca
Any Duke in A Storm. Image courtesy Sourcebooks Casablanca /

No one else can write a compelling historical romance like Amalie Howard. Her Daring Dukes series is the perfect example and her upcoming release is Any Duke in a Storm.

The Daring Dukes series is a lot of fun and each book is full of action, has great chemistry between characters, and always features a badass heroine. There is something about the way Amalie Howard writes her leads that I’m obsessed with.

Since I featured a guest post from her in the past and have read the entire Daring Dukes series, I do love Amalie Howard and her writing so I’m happy to be able to reveal the cover for Any Duke in a Storm.

Of course, I’d like to thank Sourcebooks Casablanca for giving me this opportunity to share the cover and a short excerpt to sweeten the deal.

Check out the beautiful cover for Any Duke in a Storm!

Any Duke in a Storm by Amalie Howard
Any Duke in A Storm. Image courtesy Sourcebooks Casablanca /

If you’ve read other books in this series, you’ll know that these covers always tend to match the heroine’s dress. This one was no exception and I adore it. I love the yellow cover and her yellow dress. It just seems like it’s going to be another action-packed yet romantic story from Amalie Howard.

As I’ve mentioned, I have an excerpt to share which will hopefully hold you over until January so let’s get into it.

"Raphael squinted at the ship’s grim quartermaster who kept looking back toward the wharf as if expecting trouble and wondered if he’d made yet another terrible mistake. The fact that the second under the ship’s captain was a woman had made him falter, but in his unpopular opinion, female smugglers were more than capable of being just as merciless as their male counterparts. Perhaps even more so. This one had a cutlass and two pistols strapped to her hips, and eyes that were sharp and hard. It had made him worry just a bit. He’d have better odds with a man who could be more easily fooled. Women tended to be more discerning.He could have boarded either of the two ships at the far end of the harbor—both of which were part of his merchant fleet and belonged to him—but sailing required a capable and clearly loyal, crew. And the truth was he did not have the time to gather up enough new sailors he could trust to get them safely to sea…at least not here. They were probably all Delaney’s men, and by default, his uncle’s. Raphael would rather not be tricked and incarcerated again, thank you very much.Live to see another day and all that.“Estelle!”He frowned as the faint cry reached his ears. Was that a bellow from the dock or the rising wind? A storm was definitely brewing, which made him want to make haste even faster, despite the late hour. He did not want to be stranded because the ship could not leave the inlet due to a reef made more dangerous by the incoming tide and rougher seas.“Damn it, Estelle, you soulless witch, ease up!”He frowned. Dieu, that was a voice, not in fact the sound of the billowing wind, and it sounded much closer now. Wasn’t the quartermaster called Estelle? He strode to the stern where the gangway had been pulled aside and peered into the darkness toward the docks. Though he could barely differentiate between the shadows, one of them seemed to be thicker than the others.Thicker and getting bigger. And person-sized.What the devil?Raphael barely had time to think before what looked like a small boy launched himself from the end of the wharf in his direction over six feet of open space. His lips twitched in admiration at the lad’s sheer ballocks. Jumping that distance in the dark was no mean feat of courage.Well, it was either courage or madness.Either way, even if the boy succeeded, Raphael was certain that the surly, hard-as-granite quartermaster didn’t have time for stowaways or extra mouths to feed. She had made it abundantly and sternly clear that he was a last resort and that he’d have half rations because of his size. No doubt this new arrival would be disappointed to learn that he’d have to swim back to the dock since Raphael wasn’t giving up his spot!He had barely locked his stance when the small, airborne mass hurtled onto the deck, rolled, and crashed into him where he stood. A tight cap flew off in the collision, and coils of pale hair tumbled into a chaotic cloud as the unexpected scent of orange blossoms and honey flew into his nostrils. He blinked in shock while his hands automatically reached out for purchase and he found his fingers full of a pleasantly rounded bosom.An infuriated, savage curse had his eyes widening. “Get your filthy hands off me, you bloody cretin!”He did and stepped back, even as several crew members cheered and whooped at the newcomer’s entrance. “Who the hell are you?”“The bloody captain,” the virago who was most definitely not a boy snarled. “Who the hell are you?”"

As you can see, there’s a little taste of Any Duke in a Storm to hold us over until 2024. While the wait might seem long, it’s something to look forward to. I mean unless you’re getting to see Taylor Swift on her Eras tour. Either way, this is easily one of the historical romances I’m excited about coming out next year.

Any Duke in a Storm by Amalie Howard is poised for release on January 9th, 2024.

What do you think of the cover for Any Duke in a Storm? Are you a historical romance fan? Let us know in the comments!

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