Stinger by Mia Sheridan is an unmatched second-chance romance

Stinger. Image courtesy Bloom Books
Stinger. Image courtesy Bloom Books /

Romance books are notoriously easy to get into and one author who always has me hooked is Mia Sheridan. That’s why when Stinger was offered to me as a review copy and eventually, a finished copy, I jumped at the chance.

Most people associate Mia Sheridan with Archer’s Voice and rightfully so. The romance book is still massively popular despite being published almost a decade ago. That’s why it’s awesome to see Bloom Books publishing others on her backlist.

In particular, this time we’re talking about another one of the books in her Signs of Love series which is Stinger. While the concept sounds a little bit off the wall, this is another emotional story I couldn’t get enough of once I picked it up.

Before getting into my thoughts, I’d like to thank Bloom Books for sending me a finished copy and Mia Sheridan for just being such a talented writer.

Stinger by Mia Sheridan is an emotional second-chance romance.

With a title like Stinger, there’s no way to guess how this book will begin. However, we first meet Grace who is a law student, and Carson Stinger, who is a male pornstar. The two don’t hit it off at first but that quickly flies out the window when they get stuck in an elevator. From there, the two end up having some undeniable chemistry and it’s only a matter of time before the passion erupts.

While things seem like they’re going great, things start to fizzle amidst insecurities from both characters and we eventually flash-forward to different points in each of their lives with Grace becoming a lawyer and Carson ending up in the Navy before they meet again in Vegas where everything started for them. The journey might have been a bit long for them, but it ended up making an intriguing story.

There is always something that stands out in each of Mia Sheridan’s books and Stinger, it’s the connection between Grace and Carson. From the very first page, you can feel the chemistry between them. Even when they meet back up years later, the connection is there and it feels so real and raw. There’s no way they’ll be able to keep their hands off each other which makes for some delicious tension and angst.

Aside from the romance, Mia Sheridan once again killed it with the character development of these two especially Carson. He changed a lot throughout the years and it was nice to see him grow from being an immature party boy to a respectable yet tough man. Honestly, he might be my favorite of Mia Sheridan’s heroes I’ve read yet. There was just something so incredible about him and his story.

As much as I enjoyed this one, I had two small complaints about it. The first was that the timeline did get a bit confusing. There was a lot of jumping around and I honestly couldn’t keep track sometimes. The other issue is that I felt like the story could have been cut down a bit as some scenes felt unnecessary.

Other than that, Stinger is one of my new favorites from Mia Sheridan. I think that if you’ve never read her books before, this is a good place to start. However, make sure you’re ready for the emotional blows she’ll throw at you. In the end, though, the happy ending for the couple is always worth all their hardships.

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Stinger by Mia Sheridan is out now in paperback from Bloom Books

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