Dolly Parton’s Clothes Are Taken to a Special Place After Performances

Dolly Parton | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ACM
Dolly Parton | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ACM /

Dolly Parton is known for her style almost as much as she’s known for her music. Her stylist recently dished on the creative process behind assembling her outfits. He also revealed what happens to Parton’s clothes after a performance or special event. Here’s what he had to say.

Dolly Parton’s stylist

Dolly Parton has relied on stylist Steve Summers for more than 30 years. He’s responsible for the singer’s bold looks. Summers says he has enjoyed working with Parton because she’s willing to push the envelope and try new styles. Work is never boring when dressing the country music legend.

“Designing for Dolly is great because there are so many [Dollys],” Summers tells Vogue. “I’ve got the philanthropist, the singer, the actress, the theme park owner. The canvas is always very broad.”

Dolly Parton’s style

Parton tends to wear bright colors with lots of patterns and textures. She’s not afraid to stand out. Many consider Parton a trendsetter, but she tells Vogue she doesn’t consider herself “fashionable.”

One style Dolly Parton likes is puffy sleeves. She can be seen wearing a blue-and-white jumper with puffed sleeves on the cover of her 1974 album Jolene.

Although Dolly Parton is usually seen in dresses, she also likes to wear pants. She explains that she tends to sit on a stool during some of her performances and gets up a lot to walk around the stage. Pants make it easier for her to move. One of her favorite outfits is the white pantsuit she wore during the 2014 Glastonbury Festival.

What happens to Dolly Parton’s clothes after a performance?

Dolly Parton owns many glamorous outfits. She has amassed quite a collection after performing for more than 50 years. Some of her most memorable looks include the pink dress from her 9 to 5 movie premiere and the white dress from her 1988 Christmas at Home TV special. What happens to all the clothes she wears during special events and performances?

Summers revealed that Parton’s outfits are stored in a warehouse. According to Vogue, someone from her style team takes a picture of her outfit and documents it before the garment is taken to its new home.

“It’s all computerized by color, genre, or style,” Summers tells the publication. “We have the majority of Dolly’s garments that she’s worn since 1964.”

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