Jonas Brothers: How many albums has the band recorded?

The Jonas Brothers’ latest record, The Album is out now. While Jonas Brothers fans might know how many albums the band has, not even casual fans might realize their discography.

Fans might also be questioning things with the recent tour announcement. Entitled “The Tour,” this 35-date concert experience is poised to be huge for fans. In particular, the tagline for The Tour is “Five Albums. One Night. The Tour.”

While that tagline might mean one thing, it could mean something else. The Tour hasn’t kicked off yet so we have no real answers to that question. However, if you’re curious about how many albums the Jonas Brothers have recorded, we have the answer to that.

Whether you’re a long-time Jonas Brothers fan, a casual one, or new to the Jo Bros, we’re breaking down all of the albums recorded by the band.

How many albums have the Jonas Brothers recorded together? (2023)

With a tagline like “Five Albums. One Night,” you might think the brothers only recorded five yet the brothers have actually recorded six albums in total including the band’s newest effort so let’s get into them.

It’s About Time was the Jonas Brothers’ first album when they were on Columbia. It was released in 2006 and featured hits such as “Year 3000” and “Mandy.” All in all, it wasn’t a critical or commercial success for the band yet it holds such nostalgia for fans. Heading into 2007, we got the band’s self-titled effort, Jonas Brothers which was the band’s first from Hollywood.

From the band’s self-titled album, there were so many hits including “S.O.S.” “Hold On,” “When You Look Me In The Eyes” and “Year 3000” again. This is the album I always associate most with them because of the iconic cover, and is still one of my favorites from them.

Moving onto the band’s third release, A Little Bit Longer came in 2008 and was another smash hit for the brothers. Some of the featured singles were “Burnin’ Up,” “Lovebug” and of course, “A Little Bit Longer.” Following that, the Jonas Brothers released Lines, Vines and Trying Times in 2009 which was their last full studio album and gave us such hits as “Paranoid,” “Fly With Me” and “Before the Storm” featuring Miley Cyrus.

This is where we see the massive gap between releases as the Jonas Brothers had “officially” broken up and were doing their own projects. However in 2019, thankfully the band got back together and thus introduced us to Happiness Begins. “Sucker” was the lead single and other hits included were “Only Human” and “Cool.”

Fast-forward to 2023, the Jonas Brothers released their latest album which is The Album. From The Album, there have been two singles thus far: “Wings” and “Waffle House.” While there are plenty of thoughts on the Jonas Brothers as a whole, there is no denying the band hasn’t had an illustrious career.

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