Jennifer Garner Shines in Apple TV+’s The Last Thing He Told Me

The Last Thing He Told Me -- Courtesy of Apple
The Last Thing He Told Me -- Courtesy of Apple /

In The Last Thing He Told Me, Jennifer Garner is once again taking the audience on an exciting and intriguing journey. This time, she takes the lead as Hannah Hall, a woman trying to unravel the growing mystery surrounding the truth behind her husband Owen’s disappearance in the aftermath of his company’s public destruction.

The Last Thing He Told Me puts Hannah, and her relationship with her step-daughter Bailey, at the focus. Produced by Reese Witherspoon, this show also makes a definitive choice to put complex female characters and their even more complicated relationships front and center. Doing so gives layers to female characters and offers Jennifer Garner and Angourie Rice the chance to shine in their roles.

Although the show surrounds the duo taking on the detective role in their search for Owen, and even more so, their search for the truth, Hannah and Bailey’s relationship is the heart of the show.

There is nothing straightforward about their dynamic, and instead, it plays off the concept that teenage Bailey has yet to accept Hannah as a mother figure or a solid fixture in her life. Through the trials of being forced to work together and the rising stakes of wanting to understand who Owen is and what he has gotten into, The Last Thing He Told Me encourages the audience to be excited, interested, and invested in the mystery.

Jennifer Garner keeps the viewer focused on the story while emotionally invested in the characters. She brings out the frustration and vulnerability Hannah is experiencing throughout one of the most stressful times of her life and how it all intertwines with the struggles she faces in trying to bond with Bailey and keep her safe.

The show features numerous twists and turns, all of which build to understanding the truth. The Last Thing He Told Me does not force the audience to finish the show with many loose ends, as the story brings itself to a solid conclusion.

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