Ana María and the Fox is a delightful historical romance

Ana Maria and The Fox. Image courtesy Berkley
Ana Maria and The Fox. Image courtesy Berkley /

If there is one genre that rules the romance world, it’s historical romance and one book you need on your radar is Ana María and the Fox by Liana De la Rosa.

When it comes to historical romances in general, there are certain stereotypes we associate with the genre. Firstly, we rarely see illustrated covers in that genre as it’s more prevalent to see cover models. Another is that historical romances feature predominantly white characters which is sadly still true.

Regardless of those stereotypes and any others that exist, Ana María and the Fox take those ideas and subvert all of them. As someone who doesn’t normally love historical romances, I will say that this book surprised me best.

If you’re a historical romance fan and you tend to have a narrow deduction, then Ana María and the Fox is here to change your mind.

Ana María and the Fox is a delightful start to a new historical romance series.

If you’ve been a historical romance reader for a while, you might recognize Liana De la Rosa. She has written a few series before, but Ana María and the Fox is the start of her new Luna Sisters series. The series is being published by Berkley and I have to thank the publisher for allowing me to read an early copy.

Set amidst the backdrop of France’s invasion of Mexico, the Luna sisters are sent to London to live with their uncle. Upon getting there, they are immediately thrust into society and start to charm everyone. Mr. Gideon Fox isn’t immune to the charms of the oldest sister, Ana Maria.

For the majority of the story, there isn’t much romance as it’s more about Ana and Gideon both working on their causes. Ana’s trying to take care of her sisters and make her family proud while Gideon is trying to put an end to the slave trade once and for all. However, that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of lingering looks and dances while the two are in society together.

Once the catalyst for the romance is there though, the romance takes off. These two have such explosive and undeniable chemistry. Once Gideon and Ana finally solidified things, I couldn’t get enough of them together. They couldn’t stop touching, kissing, and just generally being adorable with each other.

Aside from the romance, I loved seeing Ana’s relationship with her sisters. Those two are going to get their books which I’m so excited for. Even so, it was nice to get a feel of their personalities and potential partners. Honestly, Ana María and the Fox was enough of a tease for me to want to read the rest of the series.

My main gripe with the story was that the pacing felt off. I don’t know if it was how quickly the romance happened or what, but something didn’t flow right. I’m hoping it was just because she was setting up for future books. Regardless, it wasn’t as much of a hindrance as I still gave this book 5 stars, and know I’ll revisit it in the future.

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Ana María and the Fox by Liana De la Rosa is out now where books are sold. 

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