Jane & Edward is a delightfully modern Jane Eyre retelling

Jane & Edward by Melodie Edwards. Image courtesy Berkley Books
Jane & Edward by Melodie Edwards. Image courtesy Berkley Books /

Reimaging a classic story isn’t always easy. Regardless, Jane & Edward by Melodie Edwards made it look effortless.

While it does seem like retellings or even, reimaginings of classic stories are popular, it can be hard to try and modernize them. In a lot of ways, it can be a trap but if you have the right idea, it can work brilliantly.

For me, seeing the cover and hearing the pitch from the publisher, I was sold. I remember reading and enjoying Jane Eyre in college so I knew I wanted to pick this one up. I would also like to kindly thank Berkley for providing me with an ARC.

While I was understandably nervous, Jane & Edward ended up being exactly what I was looking for yet nothing I could have even imagined.

Jane & Edward is an undeniable modern yet romantic retelling of Jane Eyre.

As previously mentioned, I was a bit nervous, going into this story as Jane’s story in Jane Eyre isn’t exactly a happy one. Even so, the book does start off on a bit of a somber note as we learn about Jane’s misfortunate along with the loss of her father, resulting in Jane being placed in foster care.

While we get a lot about Jane’s past, the story is firmly focused on Jane getting a new job as an assistant. Her new boss, Mr. Rosen is known for being a hellion and is someone most assistants can’t stand to be around for even a week. Regardless, Jane is determined to show she’s capable and that’s exactly what she does.

As you might imagine, Jane & Edward is the romance between Jane and Mr. Edward Rosen. I really enjoyed how Melodie Edwards wrote the class difference between the two and showed how their strengths and weaknesses complimented each other. If you’re familiar with the original story, you’ll know the conflict these two face.

As much as I loved and adored the unlikely romance between these two, Jane & Edward felt more like Jane’s story to me. I don’t mean that as a critique, though. Jane was such a great character who had dealt with so much and she just wanted to be happy. While her journey might not have been the easiest, watching how she handled everything and watching her become stronger as the book went on was incredible.

Jane & Edward paid homage to the classic while still putting a modern twist on it which I loved along with seeing all of the references to the original story. However, if you haven’t read the source material, I don’t think you’ll be lost. The story will immediately suck you in and you won’t be able to stop reading.

As far as critiques of the story, the only issue I had was that it felt like the romance came a little out of nowhere. While it’s true to the source material, I do think that romance could have had a larger role in the story. Regardless, I still enjoyed Jane & Edward.

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Jane & Edward by Melodie Edwards is out now wherever books are sold. 

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