Emily McIntire is a must-read romance author in 2023

Twisted by Emily McIntire. Image courtesy Bloom Books
Twisted by Emily McIntire. Image courtesy Bloom Books /

There are some romance authors you read and they just get it. To me, one of those is easily Emily McIntire.

Despite only beginning to publish in 2020, she’s written so much in such a short time and she’s become a fixture in the romance community. While she’s most known for her Never After series, the first book she published was Beneath the Stars.

I’m sure a lot of us discovered her through her Never After series, but I will say that she’s an author I’ve come to love and admire through that series. That’s why upon hearing Emily share her breast cancer diagnosis, I wanted to make sure I featured her books in a post and gave her some love.

I’m going to feature the tweet she shared below and talk about why you should pick up her books in 2023.

Emily McIntire is an author who needs to be on your TBR list for 2023.

As I mentioned above, I’m going to be featuring the tweet she shared below and honestly, it inspired me to write up a post about her and her books.

As you can see from her post, she shared that she does have breast cancer which caused her to cancel all her bookish events this year but that her books are poised to stay on schedule. All in all, though, I’m sure we’re more concerned about her kicking cancer and taking care of herself.

If you’re looking to support her as a reader, I’d say the best way to do that is either by reading or buying her books. If you didn’t know, her Never After series which features HookedScarred, Wretched, and Twisted is published by Bloom Books. You can order the paperbacks or buy the audio. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited user, you can also find them on Amazon, too.

If you’ve read that entire series, I’d recommend either preordering the ebook or the paperback for Crossed which is her Hunchback of Notre Dame reimagining. Honestly, I feel like you can’t go wrong with the Never After series but it’s not for everyone.

If you’re not a big dark romance reader, then her Sugarlake series might be more your style. This is her contemporary series which includes Beneath the Stars, Beneath the Stands, Beneath the Hood, and Beneath the Surface. All of these feature different beloved tropes including brother’s best friend, enemies-to-lovers, and age gap. These are also available to read on Kindle Unlimited, too.

Last but not least is her collaborative effort with her best friend and fellow author, Sav R. Miller which is Be Still My Heart. This is a standalone romantic suspense story that I have yet to pick up but I know I’ll be doing it soon. Once again, this one is viable to read on Kindle Unlimited.

As much as I adore Emily McIntire, I feel like she’ll appreciate anyone who decides to pick up her books, leave a review or send a kind word. Even if you can’t afford to buy her books, you can use your library or even leave a comment on her Instagram or Twitter which is free. No matter what you decide, I feel like 2023 is a great time to start reading her books if you haven’t before now.

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Will you be picking up any Emily McIntire this year? Share with us in the comments!