Haunted Mansion drops first chilling teaser trailer

Behind the Attraction: Haunted Mansion. Image courtesy Disney+
Behind the Attraction: Haunted Mansion. Image courtesy Disney+ /

July 28 is the day that so many of us Disney fans have been waiting for. It’s the arrival of the latest Haunted Mansion movie.

And for anyone else who has been anticipating this new arrival, there’s some exciting news. We finally have our first official look at the new Haunted Mansion movie. That’s right, we have our first teaser trailer! And when we say that Disney brought the heat, we mean it.

As a fan of not only the Disney ride that this movie is based on but also the other Haunted Mansion movies that have been released in the past, I will admit that I was worried before this trailer dropped. How could they make this movie different from the original two and still bring the fun of Disney? Based on this trailer, they have figured out the magic formula. Because this trailer was chilling, spooky, and still just this side of kooky in order to add the Disney humor magic.

Haunted Mansion drops its first spooky trailer with a number of ghostly visitors

Much like the first movie that starred Eddie Murphy, this new Haunted Mansion features a family moving in to a very ghostly abode. While there are definitely differences already to the storyline, just based on this trailer, it’s clear that there is a ghost problem. And this time it looks like there will be a team of people helping to handle the ghosts of this mansion.

While we have yet to meet Madame Leota (or at least we didn’t really see her yet), we can’t wait for her arrival. As it is, we definitely got to see one of the ghosts in the paintings. And clearly, he had some murderous intent. We got to see the house itself interacting and reacting with the people inside. From the walls extending upward, much like they do in the ride itself, to the windows closing and vanishing, this movie looks amazing.

I think the thing that makes this trailer so fun is the fact that they’re really leaning on the haunted aspect of the story. We are definitely getting a spooky ghost story but told with the magic of Disney. This means there will still be funny moments, there will still be ridiculous moments, and there will be humor. But, this is a ghost story. And this trailer makes that very clear.

Check out the trailer that was dropped on Twitter here:

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