Get excited! Praise by Sara Cate is becoming a movie

Praise by Sara Cate. Image courtesy Sourcebooks Casablanca
Praise by Sara Cate. Image courtesy Sourcebooks Casablanca /

Praise by Sara Cate took the bookish world by storm in 2022. It even ended up being published by Sourcebooks Casablanca in 2023 and is now becoming a movie.

If you’re a romance reader, I’m sure you’re familiar with Sara Cate and this series. If you’re not, let me fill you in. Sara Cate is a romance author most known for her Salacious Players Club series which is a group of friends who all own a kink club together.

Currently, there are 4 books out in the series: Praise, Eyes On Me, Give Me More and Mercy with another coming out in March and others planned for the future. Each book focuses on a different couple with multiple kinks and different romance tropes present but we’re here to talk about Praise.

Praise follows Charlie who goes to pick up a security deposit from her ex-boyfriend’s father, Emerson who mistakes her for his submissive. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, he offers her a job and their romance starts from there.

An adaptation of Praise by Sara Cate is in the works and it’s about time!

Sara Cate first shared the news on her Instagram which will be linked below. While there aren’t many details yet, Cate shared her excitement in her caption including the fact that the film is being directed by a woman. Honestly, I’m SO excited to see this one on the big screen or small screen because this is such an exciting step.

All in all, romance novels aren’t known for being adapted especially something as steamy as Sara Cate’s Praise. Regardless, I feel like this is a turning point and has the potential for other romance novels to follow. Unlike other examples of BDSM and kink in romance, I feel like Praise shows a healthy relationship with kink and a fun relationship.

Charlie is such a relatable character and I’m so excited to see who they decide to cast as her. She’s only 21 in the books so I’m curious if they’ll age her up in the movie. However, I feel like that’s such an integral part of the couple’s age gap. Additionally, I’ll also be excited to see who they cast as Emerson Grant because that is a MAN.

While Praise being adapted was not on my bookish bingo card for 2023, I’m very excited. I feel like the series has a lot of hype around it and will hopefully, give Sara Cate an even larger bump in popularity. She seems so sweet and honestly, I adored Praise so I’m just ready to see this one already.

I’ll be curious to see if the rest of the Salacious Players Club ends up being adapted. On the whole, the series is a lot of fun and shows kink in a positive light. If you’re a romance reader or have any interest in the series, I’d say at least try out Praise before the movie comes out.

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Will you be checking out Praise when it comes out? Are you a Sara Cate fan? Let us know in the comments!