9 romance novels to add to your March 2023 TBR list

Twisted by Emily McIntire. Image courtesy Bloom Books
Twisted by Emily McIntire. Image courtesy Bloom Books /
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Picking favorites is never easy and it’s especially hard for romance novels. Each month, there are new books are added to our TBRs and sometimes, it’s hard to discern what’s best.

Since February has now come to an end, I wanted to feature some of my favorite reads from February. If you’re looking to put your money where your mouth is, you can try it by purchasing some of these books.

While I’m going to try and feature some of the best books published in February, there might be a few backlist titles. Of course, as always, this is just my opinion on which books I thought were best in February and which ones I believe you should be adding to your TBRs for the future.

For the sake of fairness, I won’t be including any ARCs because those will be featured in the month the book is being published because you can’t actually buy it yet. Regardless, there were still a lot of gems you might consider adding to your list.

Let’s start off the list with some backlist romance novels to look into.

Honestly, a lot of these romance novels being featured first are actually books you can read before the author releases something new. Essentially, I’m helping you to tackle your backlist without feeling like you’re doing it and that’s something all of us can appreciate as TBR lists can really get out of control quickly.

The first backlist title is Mr. Fixer Upper by Lucy Score. She’ll make an appearance later on this list, but this is one of her earlier works. This story follows Paige who works on a home renovation show as a producer and the relationship she has with one of the stars, Gannon. While the two tended to make a lot of mistakes, it was clear they loved each other and wanted to be together but outside circumstances really pushed them apart.

While this book isn’t nearly as popular as Lucy Score’s Knockemout series, I feel like this one is a lot of fun and might end up surprising you. It’s also great if you’re craving some more Lucy Score after finishing her latest release.

Moving on to another author with an upcoming release, we have Two Wrongs Make A Right by Chloe Liese. To me, Chloe Liese is such a deliberate author and she writes the most charming romances I can’t help but fall in love with. Two Wrongs Make A Right is inspired by Much Ado about Nothing and follows Jamie and Bea who have a meet disaster but their friends won’t stop meddling in their lives.

As a way to get back at their friends, they agree to fake date and then have a massive breakup but of course, real feelings get involved. The only issue with this book was the annoying third-act conflict but it was Chloe Liese so there’s no way I couldn’t recommend it ahead of her new Bergman Brothers book and Better Hate Than Never.

Despite Seven Days in June having over 100,000 ratings on Goodreads, I don’t see many people talking about it. Regardless, Seven Days in June by Tia Williams is a beautiful story about two people who met decades ago and their eventual reconnection. The two are both authors who end up writing about the other in their respective series and it’s just a lovely story.

Seven Days in June is full of heartache, intense moments, and plenty of issues aside from the romance so be warned if you’re picking it up. Regardless as far as romance novels go, this is easily one of my favorites and I’d be remiss not to recommend it.