Read an exclusive snippet from Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score

Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score. Image courtesy Bloom Books
Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score. Image courtesy Bloom Books /

Lucy Score is quickly becoming a comfort author of mine. Most know her from Things We Never Got Over along with the two upcoming releases which are Things We Hide From The Light (2/21) and Things We Left Behind (9/5.)

Considering how long yet incredibly delightful Lucy Score’s romance books are, I can’t imagine how fast she’s writing to catch up. However, the major takeaway aside from her upcoming release is the title for Lucian and Sloane’s story.

It was clear from the moment we saw an interaction between Sloane and Lucian that there was something there. A title like Things We Left Behind implies much more than just something.

However, in honor of Lucy Score being hard at work and releasing the title, Bloom Books decided to share an exclusive snippet from Things We Left Behind. Honestly, I’m so excited I could combust.

If you’re excited about Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score, this is perfect.

If you didn’t know, this is going to be book 3 in Lucy Score’s Knockemout series and it’s going to follow Lucian and Sloane. These two have been at each other’s throats for the first two books which you’ll be getting a review of next week. Until then and until we get a cover for Things We Left Behind, I was able to score an exclusive snippet from the publisher.

At this point, the book is still being written but I feel like this is just enough to get you excited and hopefully, hold you over until the cover is released. This is a snippet of a scene in which the best book boyfriends: Nash, Knox, and Lucian are talking about Sloane.

"“Think Sloane will be okay?” Nash asked. I crossed my arms and pretended I didn’t get that nagging little rush whenever someone mentioned her name in my presence.Knox shook his head. “It’s a tough loss. She held up today after Luce here force fed her a burrito.”Nash’s eyebrows rose as he cut a look in my direction.“Not a euphemism. It was a literal burrito,” I explained.“Sloane would break your euphemistic burrito in half,” Knox predicted with a smirk. It disappeared quickly. “Naomi thinks she’s gonna have a rough time with it and try to hide it.”“And Naomi isn’t usually wrong about other people’s feelings,” Nash pointed out.“Let me know if there’s anything she needs,” I said, automatically distancing myself from the responsibility of looking after her.Knox smirked. “Like a burrito?”I glared at him. “Like moral or financial support that can be provided from a distance. My burrito wants nothing to do with Sloane Walton.”“Yeah. Keep telling your burrito that,” Nash said."

As you can see, that same brotherly banter and gentle ribbing are there, but that’s only part of what I adore about these books. Seeing Lucian’s reaction and how he tries to ignore it when Sloane is brought up, I’m swooning. There is something so comforting and fun about this series so I honestly can’t wait for September.

At least, we still have the cover reveal to look forward to and I’m sure Lucy Score has a lot of ideas swimming around in her beautiful brain. Until then, we have this snippet and the release date to look forward to.

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Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score is set for release on September 5th, 2023.

Are you excited about Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score? Let us know your thoughts and cover predictions in the comments!