Book Review: Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year by Rochelle Bilow

Ruby Spencer's Whisky Year. Image courtesy Berkley.
Ruby Spencer's Whisky Year. Image courtesy Berkley. /

There is something so romantic about packing up and moving somewhere new. In Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year that’s exactly what she decides to do.

If you’ve been on bookstagram or any other bookish website, you will have seen the cover for this one. I remember seeing it months ago and I couldn’t stop looking at it. That’s why I was given an ARC by Berkley, I knew I had to say yes.

Aside from the beautiful cover, Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year is a story that goes beyond romance. Even though it’s marketed as a romance, it does feel a bit like a contemporary story with a romantic element.

Even so, Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year is the ultimate comfort read for this winter.

Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year is a cozy read for Valentine’s Day.

As most of us know, today is Valentine’s Day which falls on a Tuesday in 2023. Due to that, it’s also a release day for books and I knew I wanted to feature Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year as a release date review.

The book is about Ruby Spencer who quits her job and moves to Thistlecross, Scotland in hopes that she’ll get inspired for her new cookbook. Upon arriving, she meets Grace who owns the cottage she’s staying in. The two quickly bond over their love of food and have almost a mother-daughter relationship.

However, things really start to escalate when Ruby is introduced to Brochan. As a tall and bearded Scotsman, it’s clear why Ruby can’t take her eyes off him upon first meeting. The two eventually start to get closer including Brochan fixing up the cottage for her, Ruby cooking for him, and the two generally being the most adorable dummies who can’t have a conversation.

Regardless, the relationship between these two is so sweet and wholesome. It’s clear they’re both working through a lot of trauma from their past. Brochan, he’s dealing with lots of family drama while Ruby is still stuck trying to find herself and find value in a relationship amidst a major rejection at the beginning of the book.

What I adored about Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year wasn’t the romance. It was all of the cozy vibes this book gave me. This book honestly felt like a warm hug. With all of the descriptions of Thistlecross as such a quaint small-town, lots of delicious food, and Ruby having a found family with the people of Thistlecross, I couldn’t get enough of this one.

Honestly, I don’t want to give away much of the plot as it’s truly a mystery along with everything we learn about Brochan. While the cover is what drew me into the story, the book truly felt magical at times. It was such a sweet and cozy read including some deliciously sexy moments between Ruby and Brochan.

The only issue I had with this book was the third-act conflict. The actions of both Brochan and Ruby felt extremely out of character. Thankfully, it didn’t last long but it kind of leave a bad taste in my mouth. Even so, I adored this book and it’s the perfect cozy read for a chilly winter day.

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Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year is out now wherever books are sold. 

Will you be picking up Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year? What do you think of the cover? Let us know in the comments!