Heather Altman from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles reveals a key to her success, interview

Heather Altman for Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, photo provided by Heather Altman
Heather Altman for Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, photo provided by Heather Altman /

When Bravo watchers turn into Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, the stunning multi-million dollar homes offer a glimpse into a world where few people may ever step foot. Although that over-the-top lifestyle might be an elusive goal, Heather Altman appreciates both the business success and personal fulfillment that her life offers. During a recent conversation with Culturess, Altman offered insight into why she continues to work hard for her achievements.

While the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles episodes serve a taste of personal drama spliced into the views of immaculate homes, there is more valuable information beyond price per square foot and interior design trends. In one of the mid-season episodes, as Heather spoke with her husband and business partner, Josh Altman, about selling their house, she mentioned that she did not necessarily want to set the precedent that their kids should always want to move up just for moving up sake. While that thought might seem counterintuitive to the premise of the Bravo show, it offers tremendous insight into her hard work ethic that has driven her career.

Heather shared that although she had never gone without while growing up, she said, “it was shown and embedded in me that you have to work and earn money to get what you have.” While she admitted that her parents could have just handed her things, that decision to show her how to earn what she had made her more mindful of what she had.

Recalling when she first moved to Los Angeles from Las Vegas, Heather saw many people who were given an affluent lifestyle without having to earn those items. While she may love a great Chanel bag, those things are not the whole point of life. Specifically, she said, “if you’re constantly chasing and trying to move up the ladder, you’re missing a part of what life is about.” That idea of bettering yourself, not just feeling that it is deserved, continues to drive her into business.

Heather Altman for Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles on Bravo
Heather Altman for Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, photo provided by Heather Altman /

At the same time, Heather has a work ethic and continually strives to do her best. One aspect that she has found over the years is that business collaboration can be helpful in supporting both individuals’ achievements. As seen on this season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Heather Altman and Tracy Tudor join forces in several successful partnerships.

Highlighting positive female partnerships may not always make top billing, but Heather believes that “any success together is a huge success.” While one portion was shown on the Bravo series, she believes that it is important to be an example of “what it should be, how women can empower the other person, and build that success.”

From her partnerships to her team, having strong, capable women working together is a key to her and her team’s success. Whether it is juggling being a businesswoman and mom or appreciating the importance of multi-tasking, women can have it all, if that is truly what they want.

In some ways, being that boss is an example that she wants to set for her own daughter, just like her own mom did for her. When it is family time, that is the priority and then there are times when work takes center stage. It is not missing out on one over the other. It shows that both parts have their place and can make a well-rounded person.

Whether it is making achieving home sales records or enjoying quiet moments with her family, Heather Altman is banking the big money on a life well lived and that achievement is one that everyone can cheer.

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New episodes of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles air on Bravo Thursday nights at 9 p.m. In addition, the series can be streamed on Peacock.