4 romance books centered around Valentine’s Day (2023)

This week, the FSView Editorial Team discusses our ideal Valentine's Day.Valentine S Day Chocolate
This week, the FSView Editorial Team discusses our ideal Valentine's Day.Valentine S Day Chocolate /

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Whether you’re single, taken, or just happy, I’m sure it won’t hurt to read some romance books.

Even if you aren’t planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day, there is something so fun about the entire aesthetic. For me, it’s all about the reds, whites, and pinks along with the hearts, roses, and candy. There is something so sweet about the holiday.

Valentine’s Day is also about romance and what better way to celebrate than reading some romance books set on Valentine’s Day? While there aren’t many, there are some worth recommending.

If you’re looking for some Valentine’s Day reading recommendations, these are a good start.

These 4 romance books are all set on or around Valentine’s Day.

Despite being a relatively love-filled holiday, there aren’t many romance books set on or around Valentine’s Day. However, if you’re looking for all of those romantic feelings or just want a fun good time, then each of these short romance books will help fill that void. Plus each of them looks at the holiday in a different way which is nice.

1. Candy Hearts by Erin McLellan

The first book on the list is actually part of a series that I’ve discussed before. This is the second book in the So Over the Holidays series. This one follows Benji Holiday who is spending Valentine’s Day with his friends but he ends up there with William a bit early and the two agree to be fake Valentines to get their friends off their backs.

This book has a bit of everything when it comes to Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of cheesy and sweet moments along with tons of steam including a hero who wears lingerie and of course, toys which is a mainstay in Erin McLellan’s books. Candy Hearts is steamy, short, and lots of fun if you’re looking for a sexy time. While I’d recommend reading book 1 first, you can read this one as a standalone.

2. Just One More by Jodie Slaughter

This one is a romance novella set around Valentine’s Day in which the hero, Victor has a bad day and meets the heroine, Whitney in an uber pool. While their meet-cute isn’t exactly cute, the two end up, hitting it off and deciding to spend Valentine’s Day together. While it might seem cute, this book isn’t afraid to get sexy and it does pretty quickly.

While this one does span longer than Valentine’s Day, it’s a pretty short novella yet it gives you all of those Valentine’s vibes you’re looking for. As someone who loves Jodie Slaughter and enjoys a fun time on Kindle Unlimited, I’d highly recommend this one.

3. Love Scammed by Rilzy Adams

Moving on to another novella, Love Scammed by Rilzy Adams is a novella featuring two people who get up on a long blind date by two friends. For Monae, she thinks she’s going on a girls’ trip while Hudson thinks he’s going on a business trip. The two agree to make the best of their situation and boy, is it a steamy time.

The chemistry between Monae and Hudson is undeniable. Once they give in, it honestly felt like my Kindle could catch on fire. If you’re looking for fewer Valentine’s and more steamy times, then this one needs to be on your list for sure.

4. A Big Surprise for Valentine’s Day by Jackie Lau

The final recommendation I have is another standalone in a series. Jackie Lau’s Holiday With the Wongs series follows the Wong siblings as they all get their HEAs but each book centers around a holiday. For Amber, her holiday is Valentine’s Day and it follows her romance with Sebastian who she meets up with while buying condoms in the store.

The two agree to a friends-with-benefits situation at first until Valentine’s Day starts coming around the corner and I think we all know what happens. Either way, this is my favorite of the entire series and I know it’s going to be on my list for rereads in 2023.

If you’ve read Jackie Lau before and want more, you’ll be happy to know she recently released Not Your Valentine which is a Kobo original and it sounds like it’s going to be an absolute delight. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my list for this year.

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Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day romance read? Let us know in the comments.