5 reasons why you need to read Final Offer by Lauren Asher

Final Offer by Lauren Asher. Image courtesy Bloom Books
Final Offer by Lauren Asher. Image courtesy Bloom Books /

There are some romance book series that are undeniably addictive and Lauren Asher’s Dreamland Billionaires series is a great example. With Final Offer coming out today, there is a lot of hope and expectations riding on.

The first two books: The Fine Print and Terms and Conditions introduced us to Callahan aka Cal but we didn’t know much more. That’s where the Final Offer comes in as it’s Cal’s story along with being the final romance a lot of readers have been craving.

Thankfully, I was able to read the book a bit early as Bloom Books kindly sent me an ARC and even, allowed me to interview Lauren Asher. I also had to promise to not share any of the tropes or spoilers upon finishing it which was killing me.

Regardless, the release date for Final Offer is now and I can finally gush about all the reasons why you need to pick this book up today.

Why you need to read Final Offer by Lauren Asher as soon as you can.

Since the author kindly asked to not share any tropes, I won’t get into any of the tropes, but rather give you some slightly vague reasons to read. I didn’t know anything before I went in and I want to keep the same magic for my fellow readers. With that being said, let’s get into the 5 reasons why Final Offer is a must-read before February.

1. It’s Cal’s story

This might seem like a relatively obvious point as we’ve learned a lot about Callahan within the first two books. Even so, Final Offer fills in all of the gaps and not only tells the story of Cal’s life currently but also dives into his past. It’s especially heartbreaking to learn about all the reasons why Cal acts the way he does yet I adored seeing his story, no matter how hard things got for him.

2. Final Offer immediately sucks you in and won’t let go

Let’s not mince words here. Final Offer is a LONG book and that’s not even talking about long it is for a romance book. This book is clocking in at almost 600 pages with the paperback although I’m not sure how it translates to Kindle pages. Even so, this book is long yet it didn’t feel like it after I read it in two sittings. The story was so immersive and you quickly fall in love with all of the characters and become invested in their lives.

3. The tropes are everything you never could have guessed.

Upon the author’s request to not share tropes or spoilers, I was a bit bummed because I was dying to read this book and talk about it. I love Lauren Asher though so I couldn’t let the queen down. Instead, I’m not going to share the tropes, but I will share that the tropes in here were pretty unexpected yet they made sense for the characters and made Cal and Alana feel more relatable.

4.  In a word, this book is dreamy.

While I did like books 1 and 2 in the Dreamland Billionaires series, I will say that Final Offer felt like the book with the most stakes. Both Cal and Alana are dealing with a lot in their own lives amongst being forced together by Cal’s grandfather. I immediately fell head-over-heels for these two and their romance which truly felt like a dream. Seeing everything progress and watching them slowly but surely come back to each other was like watching a movie.

There were so many romantic and loving moments between these two characters. I just couldn’t get enough of their romance and honestly, I’d read 10 more books just watching them fall in love. Do you know when you’re listening to a love song and can imagine the fantasy of it all in your head? That’s how I felt about Cal and Alana for the majority of the story.

5. Final Offer was the perfect finale for the Dreamland Billionaires series.

My last reason to read might be a bit obvious, but it is the final book in the Dreamland Billionaires series, and what a book to end it on. Not only did we get Cal’s story, but we got cameos from the characters in the first two books. In addition, we’ve been hearing about Brady Kane’s will for the entire series and we learn a lot about that as the book progresses. On the whole, though, this was the perfect series conclusion in my opinion.

Ultimately if you love the series, please don’t hesitate on picking up Final Offer. This is easily my new favorite book in the series and I applaud Lauren Asher. She took such a beautiful yet nuanced story that I’m sure some readers will be able to relate to. Not everything in this book is beautiful, but it makes the ending even more enjoyable.

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Final Offer by Lauren Asher is out now wherever books are sold. 

What did you think of Final Offer? Do you think it’s a fitting end to the Dreamland Billionaires series? Share all of your thoughts in the comments!