In Owner of a Lonely Heart, grief brings people closer instead of tearing them apart

Owner of a Lonely Heart by Eva Carter. Image courtesy Dell Books
Owner of a Lonely Heart by Eva Carter. Image courtesy Dell Books /

Grief is one of the most universal experiences in the world. Eva Carter’s novel Owner of a Lonely Heart proves every story can show grief from a different angle, offering readers a new perspective on something we’ve all experienced in our own way.

Told from multiple perspectives with each character carrying a different hardship, each new chapter presents a unique way of thinking about loss, uncertainty, and regret. Gemma is a young widow struggling to move on from losing the love of her life. Casey has a brain tumor, and having to visit a new city for treatment is only making things worse. And Dan is about to reunite with a daughter he’s never met — and her mother, who has never forgiven him for leaving them behind.

When each character/s storylines begin to merge together, the book begins to weave together a complex, heartbreaking web of truths. As Casey’s fears surface, Gemma’s grip on her former life loosens, and the truth about Dan’s past slowly unravels, the people at the center of the story, instead of fighting each other to survive, grow closer.

It’s refreshing to read a story about grief that’s more hopeful than it is tragic. Tragedy is at the book’s center of course, but it serves to drive the story toward an uplifting ending despite where it begins. We’re all living with grief in some capacity, and it’s not always easy to escape into a story about grief that doesn’t pull you further down into despair.

Another win for Carter’s book, for me, was the story’s focus on featuring “good men.” Dan has landed himself in bad situations in the past, but he’s done the work to shape himself into a truly decent human being despite elements of his past catching up to him. Gemma’s late husband remains a wholly good person the whole time — the only thing he ever had to hide was a surprise for his wife to find after he was gone.

Some readers roll their eyes at happy endings, but by the time you get to the final chapter, you’re desperate for things to turn out the way these characters deserve. The story exists to remind its readers that no matter how many bad things might happen, it’s often in our lowest seasons when we meet the people meant to lead us into brighter days.

Owner of a Lonely Heart was a book I needed right now. It has its sad moments, but it’s worth the heartbreak to get to the joy. Eva Carter has written a beautiful story everyone can likely relate to in some capacity. Also, there’s a dog in it, and he’s a very good boy.

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