Checkout these SXSW Alumni releases in January to get primed for the 2023 festival

Sundance is just a week away, but it’s not too early to start prepping yourselves for the next industry festival, South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX, taking place March 10-19. There are two 2022 alumni releases happening this month to help get you revved up for the exciting Austin, TX fest! They’ll also give you an idea of the kind of intense storytelling celebrated by the convention that industry insiders love. SXSW will also be announcing its full lineup this very week, the week before Sundance starts!

SXSW alumni films in Jan and Feb

If the mountains of Park City, UT are too cold for you and you’re looking for a film festival that is warmer but still peppered with plenty of celebs, look no further than SXSW in March. And to give you a little taste, two 2022 alum films are being released in theaters this month. Of the two, Jethica centers around a “woman terrorized by a stalker who forces her to confront her biggest fear,” according to program materials. A Lot of Nothing gives us a tale of where a married couple deals after witnessing their neighbor commit a crime.


2022 Narrative Feature

Jethica is a different take on the stalker tale, with Kevin persistently stalking Jessica as she undertakes a road trip, meets up with her high school friend Elena, and ultimately her deceased grandmother’s New Mexico ranch, where she has to face her greatest fear. The film will hit theaters on January 13 and will be available the next day on Fandor, February 14.

A Lot of Nothing

2022 Narrative Feature

A Lot of Nothing interweaves humor in a tale of a seemingly successful and happily married couple, James and Vanessa, and the coping difference that manifest after they witness a neighbor commit a crime via live cell phone footage. They both vow to ‘do something,’ but that ‘something’ may mean vastly opposing actions between the two. The indie film will be released and on demand February 3.

When will SXSW announce the lineup?

I’m particularly looking forward to the lineup announcement for 2023 features, which will take place on January 11. Considering that the festival debuted two of my favorite documentaries to come out in the last few years—the astounding Introducing, Selma Blair (which I cried my eyes out watching) and the fun Twyla Moves, a long-overdue documentary on the dance legend in 2021—I can’t wait to see what they pronounce for this year’s event.

In the meantime, you can also inspect the lineup of important speakers scheduled to headline SXSW this year and the featured sessions. The Zombies are also among the musical artists touching down in Austin, TX for the 37th edition of the entertainment festival.

Like much of the industry coming back from COVID, SXSW will be in person this year. Last year’s was a live event as well, with the festival going even bigger. How can we forget such iconic moments such as Voughtland with the full cast of The Boys?

Stay tuned for the full SXSW lineup announcement on Jan. 11, right around the corner!