Is Aldi open on Thanksgiving? (2022)

When it comes to grocery stores, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. That’s not including Aldi in the conversation, though.

Despite being seen as a grocery store, Aldi is so much more. Yes, the majority of the sales are likely food. However, the store also features an entire aisle full of basically anything you might imagine. Whether you’re looking for something for your home or need a gift, you’ll be able to find something in-store.

Additionally, Aldi is known for not only having great original products but also having lower prices compared to the bigger grocery stores. While you might not be able to find everything at the store, it’s a good place to get the things you need without breaking the bank.

No doubt if you’re looking to grab a few things on Thanksgiving, you’ll be curious to know if Aldi is open on Thanksgiving Day 2022.

Is Aldi closed on Thanksgiving? (2022)

While you sometimes have to go searching to find this answer, the store’s website actually has it in the FAQ section. According to Aldi’s website, the stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day along with various other holidays. Considering how popular the chain is, it’s nice to see that their workers are getting the day off.

Obviously, with them being closed on Thanksgiving, you’ll need to get any and all shopping done before Thanksgiving is here. No doubt the store is going to be busy, but if you need something, you’ll want to grab it as soon as possible. There are already supply issues so grabbing what you need is key.

Despite the pressure to stay open on Thanksgiving, it’s nice to know that Aldi is letting their workers enjoy time with their families. However, if you need a host gift before Thanksgiving, I’d highly suggest heading to “the aisle” in Aldi and grabbing something so you don’t show up empty-handed.