Stagecoach 2023 shares unique lineup for country music fans

The Stagecoach Festival is a huge deal if you’re a country music fan. Each year, the “best” of the country music world comes to rock out in California.

While I’ve never personally attended, the festival is a huge draw for those who live on the West Coast and want more country music in their lives. Looking at the 2022 festival, the headliners were Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood, and Luke Combs. The three are definitely top-tier in the country world.

With the 2023 Stagecoach Festival set for April 28-30, 2023, the festival’s official Twitter decided to share not only the headliners but also the performers we can expect to see. Additionally, vendors and special guests were also announced at the bottom of the poster.

With the list out in full, there is a lot to dissect and discuss when it comes to the acts that were chosen.

Stagecoach 2023 looks to be an interesting event for country music.

Of course, it would only be right to feature the tweet with all of the Stagecoach info in it. It also includes the day when tickets go on sale if you’re looking to purchase.

Before getting into some of the criticisms, it’s only right to talk about the positives. The first is that Kane Brown is headlining as the first Black country artist to do so. That frankly seems way later than it should be but it’s great to see. Additionally, Day 3 of the festival looks to be a huge day for fans of classic country and or more traditional sounds as the lineup is incredible.

Looking at the 3 days, there are a plethora of talented people and no doubt each artist has legions of fans, waiting to see them perform. Despite the criticism I’m about to share, I do realize that this is a huge deal for both country artists and country music fans.

However, 2023’s Stagecoach lineup felt like it left a lot to be desired. There is no female headliner for 2023. 2022 featured Carrie Underwood which is a bit of an obvious choice, but it makes sense. Regardless, there are plenty of female artists who could have headlined for 2023 including Mickey Guyton, Ashley McBryde, Carly Pearce, and Brittney Spencer to name a few. I mean I won’t say who should be off the ticket, but I’m sure we all have an idea.

Additionally, some of the “artists” who made the cut aren’t exactly known for either their love of country or even producing country music. Maybe that’s a nitpick, but it does feel a bit strange to see names like Trixie Mattel and Diplo among the list of performers. Then again, those performers could surprise us but the lack of traditional country sound is a bit disheartening.

Either way, I’ll be curious to see how Stagecoach 2023 plays out. Despite my personal criticisms, the festival could end up being a smash hit. Regardless as country music fans, it’s nice to see country artists getting their time in the sun.

Stagecoach 2023 passes go on sale on September 16th, 2022. 

Do you plan on attending Stagecoach in 2023? Do you have any thoughts on 2023’s lineup? Be sure to sound off in the comments.