#TBRTrending: Night Song by Beverly Jenkins

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Part of the selection of paperback romance novels available for sale at the Friends of the Abilene Public Library book sale.Books3 /

For the most part, #TBRTrending focuses on books with less than 1,000 ratings. However, Beverly Jenkins was the expectation here.

Of course, Beverly Jenkins broke the mold so I mean how could she not be featured? While Beverly Jenkins has a vast catalog of books, one book stands out from the rest and that’s her debut novel, Night Song.

Honestly, you’re missing out if you don’t know who Beverly Jenkins is. Beverly Jenkins or Ms. Bev as she’s affectionately known is a Black romance author. While she’s known for writing historical romance, she’s also written some Christian Fiction and Romantic Suspense.

Beverly Jenkins is an absolute queen so it’s only right she gets her time on #TBRTrending and what better place to start than her first novel, Night Song?

Night Song by Beverly Jenkins needs to be read by every romance reader.

Let me start off by saying that this is Beverly Jenkins’ first novel and it was published in 1994 so it’s almost 30 years old. Regardless, this one is unlike any historical romance I’ve read before and since.

Night Song follows a romance between Cara Lee, a school teacher, and Chase, a Tenth Calvary sergeant. Aside from being a Black love story, this book does an excellent job of setting the scene and really making you feel everything the characters are going through. It’s especially true when the characters are trying to fight their feelings

While Chase can be a bit rough at times, the romance between Cara Lee and Chase is one you’ll want to root for from page one. It’s clear the two have chemistry and are hesitant to act on it for various reasons. Either way, watching these two finally get their HEA, in the end, is just so satisfying.

What makes this book over the top for me is how much history is packed into it. Ms. Bev does an excellent job of balancing romance and history without one overtaking the other. It was especially interesting to see the missions Chase was given and the people he teamed up with to make sure things got done. Honestly, this book was a wild ride from start to finish.

Considering how famous and beloved Beverly Jenkins is, this book should have more than 1500 ratings on Goodreads. Night Song is an excellent debut and should be the blueprint other authors follow when it comes to debut releases. If you’re looking for a historical romance set in America and featuring Black characters, then Night Song needs to be added to your TBR.

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