Jane: A psychological thriller that highlights the dangers of ambition

Jane. Image courtesy Karen Kuehn
Jane. Image courtesy Karen Kuehn /

Madelaine Petsch takes on the lead role as the anxious and driven Olivia in Jane. The story surrounds Olivia in her focused stride to attend Stanford University after her application is deferred.

Jane is a haunting tale of grief and ambition. The film begins with a simple premise. Olivia’s close friend Jane died, and Olivia is dealing with the aftermath. It does not take long for Jane to transform from a drama to a psychological thriller.

After her leadership is questioned during Debate practice, Olivia’s hold on control also causes concern. It certainly does not help that Olivia has not been accepted into her dream college. But, when her hope for future success faces an obstacle, things start to heat up.

Olivia and her old friend, Izzy, spiral down the rabbit hole of dangerous choices as their social media rampage against those in Olivia’s way becomes an addiction. But, it is also a much more scary avenue for Olivia, whose darkest instincts are hard to reign in once she gets going.

Jane understands the pressure that teenagers can put on themselves to achieve their goals, even to a highly stressful degree. However, Olivia’s single-minded determination suggests that such a drive can be unhealthy.

While the film can be viewed as a cautionary tale, it is also a movie that will have viewers discussing its story and characters for a while after the credits role. Jane is a movie that starts a conversation by comprehending the events Olivia goes through and starts herself.

Jane is the type of film that allows the viewers to lean in and pay attention without answering every question. Doing so asks the audience to focus on all the details rather than just the big picture.

Madelaine Petsch portrays Olivia with an exciting mix of genuine stress, anxiety, and mystery. She is three-dimensional in her grief for Jane, desire for friendship with Izzy, and need for a future at Stanford University.

The film is female-centric, with Sabrina Jaglom in her directorial debut.

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Jane will be available in select AMC theaters on Friday, August 26, and on the streaming service, Creator+ on Friday, September 16.