#TBRTrending: If She Says Yes by Tasha L. Harrison

The book shelves are pictured the Full Circle Bookstore is pictured in Oklahoma City, Tuesday, June 7, 2022.Full Circle
The book shelves are pictured the Full Circle Bookstore is pictured in Oklahoma City, Tuesday, June 7, 2022.Full Circle /

With the myriad of different romance books, it can be hard to find something new to enjoy. If you haven’t read If She Says Yes by Tasha L. Harrison though, now is the time.

Thus far in #TBRTrending, it’s mostly been romances and it’s frankly been a bit of the same things. While the characters have been different, it’s mostly been characters who are around the same age and race, getting together.

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional romance formula, but it’s nice to try and find something that’s a bit out-of-the-box. If you’re looking in the traditionally published ream, then you’ll see a lot of the same. However, the indie romance world is where the real gems are.

In particular, If She Says Yes subverts a lot of tropes and makes for a good summer read especially if you’re into steamy romances.

If She Says Yes is the perfect summer read for an August #TBRTrending.

Not only is this book super underrated but it’s another book with just over 500 ratings on Goodreads which is confusing more than anything. However, this book follows a romance between Tomás and Darcy. The two reconnect at her son’s wedding because Tomás is actually her son’s best friend and it’s essentially Tomás shooting his shot with Darcy.

This book has a bit of a twist as it’s an age-gap in which the woman is older as she’s in her late 50s and he is in his early 30s. Additionally, she is the more dominant one in the bedroom while he is submissive. Honestly, this book doesn’t shy away from those steamy scenes if you’re looking for something that’s hot.

What makes this book so much fun though is that Tasha L. Harrison is not only able to make you root for their relationship and want them to be together but doesn’t focus on all kinds of unnecessary drama. Rather, the second book in this duet actually focuses more on that but for now, we’re just talking about If She Says Yes.

Either way, this book is just perfect if you’re lounging by the pool and want something that’s fast-paced and fun while still being a steamy good time. This was also the first book by Tasha L. Harrison I read and I’ve been wanting to read the rest of her backlist since then so be prepared to purchase the rest of her books once you finish this one.

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Are you adding If She Says Yes to your TBR? Be sure to let me know your favorite age-gap romances in the comments.