Halloween Horror Nights 31 original haunted houses dive deep into unmentionable frights

Halloween Horror Nights - Courtesy Universal Studios
Halloween Horror Nights - Courtesy Universal Studios /

While The Weeknd might play the haunting tunes and the iconic horror movies bring the screams off the screen, the Halloween Horror Nights 31 original haunted houses prove the creative Universal team is full of frights. As the fog starts to accumulate and the sun sets, the screams fill the void. Just remember, don’t go alone.

As guests prepare for the September 2 opening of Halloween Horror Nights 31, the Universal Orlando creative team revealed the remaining six original haunted houses that will join the previously announced offerings. While many people enjoy the seeing movie characters and well-known stories brought into the immersive experience, the unique stories often leave the bigger lasting impression. When the darken hallway holds such terrors, it can be hard to take that first step.

According to Universal Orlando, the Halloween Horror Nights 31 original haunted houses are Spirits of the Coven, Bugs: Eaten Alive, Fiesta de Chupacabras, Hellblock Horror, Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake, and Descendants of Destruction. Looking at the themes, the commonality seems to be deeply rooted fears. Whether it is feeling something crawling on your skin or being trapped by a winter storm, sometimes reality is scary than fiction.

Since these stories do not have a pre-set expectation, the Universal Orlando has free range to amplify the scares. It will be interesting to see how the haunted houses blend visuals, sounds and smells to produce those gut-wrenching reaction.

While witches, mutants and bugs can be common Halloween themes, it is interesting that Universal added the Fiesta de Chupacabras. The “goat sucker” is a legendary creature. Whether it is an animal, a vampire, or something else, the Americas legend deserves its moment in the spotlight. This haunted house will definitely be a must visit.

Also, Halloween Horror Nights 31 will feature five scare zones, two live shows, and the Halloween Tribute Store. In total, a visit is a whole night experience. Whether people want extreme fears or just a few frights, there are many ways to enjoy a visit to this annual Halloween experience.

Halloween Horror Nights 31 runs September 2 through October 31 on select nights. It is a separated ticketed event.

Are you ready to phone a friend and brave the dark? The scare actors are waiting for you.

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