Loot: How do season one’s cliffhangers set up season 2?

Maya Rudolph in “Loot,” now streaming on Apple TV+, 2022
Maya Rudolph in “Loot,” now streaming on Apple TV+, 2022 /

The Apple TV+ original series, Loot, concluded its first season with Molly Wells finally confronting jumping into old habits and the question of what it means to be a billionaire attempting to help change the world.

“The Silver Moon Summit” has Molly bring her co-workers out for the grand presentation, but it does not go nearly as well as Molly wanted. The water purification system fails, and Molly worries about what to do next. Jean-Pierre is not as concerned, mentioning they should go and wait for everything to blow over.

Although Molly thought she would find happiness with Jean-Pierre, Sofia’s reference to Molly falling into old patterns of putting her partner’s interests before her own makes her question things.

Molly had made a point of it throughout the first season that she wanted to do something for herself and do good work with the foundation to help people in need. But unfortunately, being in a relationship with Jean-Pierre is not the right influence for that.

Loot has not been shy about showing Molly’s immense wealth, whether through her mansion or unrealistic understanding of what the less fortunate need daily. However, she does make an intriguing breakthrough during “The Silver Moon Summit.”

Should the people who make decisions about making the world a better place be billionaires? Molly mentions how billionaires talk to each other about what they can do to help others, but those who need help are not invited to the conversation.

Loot calls out how billionaires would be referred to as a problem if they dared to speak to anyone else, so talking to each other avoids that potential. But are billionaires genuinely invested in making the world a better place if it strips them of how they get to live? Molly has learned other ways to help through working at the foundation.

She refuses to continue holding onto her billions of dollars, so Molly decides that she will give it away until she hits zero. It is a big decision for someone who has not lived as anything other than wealthy in a long time.

Season one’s conclusion has everyone know Molly’s declaration of giving her money away. But what else does season 2 have in store for her?

Romantically, Molly has broken up with Jean-Pierre in the aftermath of the failed presentation. Does that leave things open for Molly and Arthur? Possibly. But, it will not be without complications.

Arthur finally admits the full extent of his feelings for Molly to Nicholas and Howard, and they encourage him to tell her. However, getting the words out may not be so easy. As the finale comes to a close, it seems that Arthur is finally about to do it. At least, that is the suggestion. However, the scene cuts away before the audience can know what happened.

What the viewers get to see next though sets up a potential set of new problems. Molly, awake from spending the night with someone, does not get to spend much time awake before it is revealed Molly had spent the night with her ex-husband, John Novak.

When did John get to Molly? Did Arthur get the chance to confess? Did he decide against it last-minute? Was he interrupted by John?

Molly also seems to have finally found her footing in her friendship with Sofia as the duo better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a shared desire to do better.

Between her professional life and her personal life, there is a lot of potential for the storylines season 2 could create.

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