Which Kelsea Ballerini summer single reigns supreme?

Kelsea Ballerini is making a name for herself. Whether it’s as a singer, model, or writer, she does it all.

However, in September, we’re finally getting another album from the country-pop princess. Even though the album isn’t released until September 23rd, Ballerini has released three singles thus far.

Her first single off of Subject to Change was “HEARTFIRST” followed by “Love Is A Cowboy” and most recently, “The Little Things.” Considering how close the last two singles were released, it’s perfect for a #BalleriniBattle.

Essentially, I’m going to be comparing the two singles and picking out which one is “better.” Of course, this is a matter of opinion so I’d love to know your thoughts on the two singles below and which one you prefer.

Which Kelsea Ballerini single is better: “Love Is A Cowboy” or “The Little Things?”

The first single was already released on July 15th, 2022 and this is one we’ve already discussed on Culturess. Regardless, that’s why it was perfect to compare the two as “The Little Things” was released less than a month later. However, before we compare, it’s only right to include the song below.

Let’s start off with “Love Is A Cowboy.” This one has more of a country vibe with the lyrics, sound, and general vibes of the video. Additionally, the song has a sweet and soft feeling to it as if it’s a melancholy song. While it’s a love song in a way, “Love Is A Cowboy” doesn’t guarantee a happy ending. Rather, it’s about the experience and how different love can be for everyone.

Then there is “The Little Things” which is vastly different from “Love Is A Cowboy.” This song shares a similar vibe to her first single, “HEARTFIRST” as it’s more focused on a relationship and the “little things” that make a relationship. This song definitely gives you all of the fun and bubbly vibes of being in a good relationship and knowing exactly what your partner needs.

Between the two songs, this one is tough as it’s more of a personal preference. One has more of a sad and sweet vibe while the other is about being happy and in love. While I do enjoy both songs, “The Little Things” gives me all of the summer feelings. It’s all about having fun with your partner and appreciating all of the little things they do to make you feel comfortable and happy. Either way, both of these songs are going to be on my playlist.

Kelsea Ballerini’s album Subject to Change is set to be released on September 23rd, 2022. 

Do you prefer “Love Is A Cowboy” or “The Little Things?” Be sure to share your favorite single of Kelsea Ballerini’s so far in the comments.