Ranking the first three Harley Quinn Season 3 episodes

Harley Quinn season 3. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max
Harley Quinn season 3. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max /

One of DC’s most underrated shows has to be HBO Max’s, Harley Quinn. While the show seemed odd at first, it’s actually pretty delightful.

While Harley Quinn seems oversaturated in the media, the series puts a fresh spin on her character and relationships. Additionally, the show is funny and that’s not something most people associate with DC shows. Regardless, the show is a lot of fun.

Even though the first two seasons started off on the now defunct DC Universe, Harley Quinn still gained a solid following. With it now being an HBO Max original, it can reach even more fans including the most recent season, Season 3.

In honor of Harley Quinn Season 3 dropping, let’s rank the first three episodes that were dropped: “Harlivy” “There’s No Ivy in Team” and “The 83rd Annual Villy Awards.”

Which Season 3 Harley Quinn episode reigns supreme so far?

If you didn’t know, Season 3 of Harley Quinn starts off with the first three episodes being released on July 28th and then the rest on a weekly basis. Of course, if you haven’t watched, be sure to come back as there will be spoilers discussed from this point on.

Starting in third place is actually the first episode of Season 3 and that’s “Harlivy.” This episode obviously focuses a lot on Harley and Ivy’s relationship. However, the episode is frankly pretty boring. While it’s a nice intro back into the series, it doesn’t feel like the opener to a season. Rather, it feels like more of a filler episode.

While “Harlivy” isn’t exactly bad, it wasn’t the best episode to start the season with. Even so, the episode had its moments including seeing the differences between Harley and Ivy. It also features cameos from other DC characters including Amanda Waller and Plastique. Plus we also see James Gunn but overall, it wasn’t the best.

Moving onto second place, this one goes to “There’s No Ivy in Team.” As the second episode of the series, this one feels a lot more akin to a season opener. The episode is more Ivy-centric as it follows her trying to be a leader and honestly, failing. What saves the episode though is the addition of the Bat Family including Nightwing and the group of villains and heroes coming together during an escape room.

Honestly, the episode is a lot of fun and shows a completely different side of Ivy. Regardless, the episode isn’t the best of the bunch. Even so, it’s one I know I’m going to rewatch in the future as it’s just a lot of fun.

With that being said, “The 83rd Annual Villy Awards” is coming in the first place, and what an episode it was. This episode follows Ivy and Harley as they’re nominated as “Best Couple” and it’s essentially Harley becoming obsessed with the idea of winning while Ivy is trying to not be anxious while trying to avoid Kite Man. Even so, the episode does an excellent job of making both Harley and Ivy uncomfortable while helping them learn about themselves.

“The 83rd Annual Villy Awards” is incredibly character-driven and honestly focuses a lot on Harley and Ivy individually which is where the show shines. The episode also features a decent amount of action and humor, too. Considering that this episode is the third in the series so far, it proves that the series is getting better as it goes so hopefully, that’ll translate into episode 4 of the series.

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New episodes of Harley Quinn premiere Thursdays on HBO Max. 

What did you think of the first three episodes of Harley Quinn Season 3? Be sure to share your rankings in the comments.