Romance Awareness Month is perfect way to spice up your August

Modern Love season 2. Photo credit: Christopher Saunders. Amazon Studios.
Modern Love season 2. Photo credit: Christopher Saunders. Amazon Studios. /

August isn’t known for having any holidays. However, you might not know that August actually features two romantic monthly observations.

According to Parade, there are actually two romance-related holidays to celebrate in August. The first is Romance Awareness Month and the second is Read-a-Romance Month. As someone who is an avid romance reader, this comes just in time.

While romance books can be read all year round, most people gravitate towards them during the summer months. August is technically the last month of summer so it would only be right to decide to read some romances throughout August.

Additionally, some people are planning vacations before the summer ends. Honestly, August doesn’t seem like much of a romantic month but in those two ways, you might be able to have a completely different summer.

Here are some ways to help embrace Romance Awareness Month in August.

While romance novels are more my forte, Romance Awareness Month is more about romantic relationships and ways to bring you and your partner together. One cool trend on TikTok you might want to try is deciding what to do or where to eat by playing rock paper scissors with each other. Unless you or your partner have really expensive tastes, it’s a pretty cheap and fun game.

Another option would be to try something new that neither of you has done before. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant or activity, it’s a nice way to connect and get each other out of their comfort zones. However, if you’re looking for a double dip, then you could both read a romance book and share what you’ve learned.

Personally, August is going to be a month where I get caught up on a lot of the romance book series I’ve started. As a huge romance reader, there’s no better time than the end of summer to get caught up on some romance books. Considering that Halloween will be here before we know it, it’ll be good to read something light and fun before things get spooky.

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate, August is a good time to either pick up a romance book or work on featuring some more romance in your life. Even if you’re not in a relationship, a little self-love is nothing to sneeze at. Either way, hopefully, August is a romantic month for you in matter how you decide to celebrate.

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How do you plan on celebrating Romance Awareness Month this August? Be sure to share your plans in the comments.