Wet n Wild celebrates 20 years of Lilo & Stitch with an exclusive makeup and skincare collection

NEW! Makeup/Skincare: Limited-Edition Stitch x wet n wild Collection. Image courtesy of Wet n Wild.
NEW! Makeup/Skincare: Limited-Edition Stitch x wet n wild Collection. Image courtesy of Wet n Wild. /

In honor of 20 years of Lilo & Stitch, fans of the beloved Disney alien are getting something special from Wet n Wild. Introducing the ultimate makeup and skincare collection for Stitch fans!

As a tried and true Stitch fan (I even have the Stitch Crashes Disney Plushes released throughout 2021), the one thing I never knew I needed in my life was a makeup and skincare collection inspired by Lilo & Stitch. But here we are and I am obsessed.

This Stitch x wet n wild Collection gives us 13 items (there are technically more, but some of these items are sold in sets) that truly embody the magic of Stitch! We are talking about colorful items, fun pieces, and just the kind of items every Stitch fan is going to want in their lives. This is a Disney-inspired makeup collection that screams fun and beauty all in equal measure.

The collection is currently available in Ulta, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS, and it will be heading to the wet n wild website as of June 30. Finally, it is set to hit Rite Aid on July 3. With fun designs on every single piece, you won’t want to miss this collection.

Stitch crashes the world of makeup with his very own wet n wild collection

wet n wild
NEW! Makeup/Skincare: Limited-Edition Stitch x wet n wild Collection. Image courtesy of Wet n Wild. /

So what all is part of this collection?

  • Vacation Mode Makeup Bag – This epic travel-ready makeup bag is an Ulta exclusive, but it is definitely a must-have at $10.49.
  • Ohana Shadow Palette – 15 vibrant shades of color and fun makeup in this gorgeous eyeshadow palette. And at $16.99, this is a must-have for any makeup lover looking to add pops of color to their lives and their looks.
  • Life’s A Beach Exfoliating Multi-Scrub – Get your scrub on with this multi-use scrub which is good for lips, face, and even your body. It comes in an adorable container with its little shovel and it is ready to go at just $8.49.
  • Hula Honey Glow Face Glow Palette – Want to glow this summer? Then this is the palette for you! You will get that sunlit glow that screams summer fun, and at just $10.49, this is a steal of a beauty deal.
  • Catchin’ Waves Sponge & Scrub Set – In this set, you not only get a makeup sponge to get your beauty look going, but you also get a cleansing scrubber that looks like a mini surfboard. It’s an adorable set that also gives you all the functions. You can’t go wrong adding this to your collection at just $10.49.
  • Experiment 626 Makeup Brush Set – Maybe it is me, but I need these brushes in my life! This set of three brushes gives you an eyeshadow brush, a highlighter brush, and even a large face brush. With blue tips to the brush itself, the real magic of this set is in the handle, which is filled with water and glitter and shapes inspired by Hawaii.
  • Soaking Up Rays Body Luminizer – Give your skin the gift of glow with this hydrating dry oil. This will not only nourish your skin, but it will also add a fun summer shine. And at $10.49, it is a great addition to your summer skin routine.
  • No Bad Days Setting Mist – Set it and forget it with this setting mist. It’s all about getting those looks to say, even as the summer sun (and sweat) says no. We love a good setting mist and if the bottle happens to look cute too, we are all for that.
  • Carefree Waterproof Eyeliner Set – When it comes to completing a look, it feels like eyeliner is a must. And with this set, you get two pencils that offer long-lasting wear.
  • Flying High Waterproof Mascara – Can you ever go wrong with Black Mascara, especially a waterproof mascara? I think not!
  • Chillin’ Wet Lip Oil Gloss – Do you love lip oils? Do you have a thing for lip gloss? Then this is the item for you! Available in three shades, this is the best of both worlds as you get a hybrid lip product that moisturizes the lips, even as it brings the pops of color we need.

Honestly, with this collection, it is as much about the Stitch of it all as it is the products themselves. We already know that wet n wild offers affordable, quality beauty items. And now, they are adding in a bit of Disney fun to the mix in the form of one of our absolute favorite aliens out there.

We just need every piece of this collection and if you are a fan of Lilo & Stitch, then you may need it too!

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What do you think fellow beauty lovers? Are you excited about this collection? What will you be snagging for yourself? What’s your favorite piece in this collection?