Set On You is the gym romance you never know you needed

Set On You by Amy Lea. Image courtesy Penguin Random House
Set On You by Amy Lea. Image courtesy Penguin Random House /

Amy Lea’s debut novel, Set on You, follows curvy fitness influencer Crystal Chen and firefighter Scot Ritchie. When they first meet at the gym, well…let’s just say, things do not go well. Scott takes Crystal’s squat rack and will not give it up which makes him her new sworn enemy.

But sometimes you make out with your sworn enemy in the gym locker room and then quickly run away. You know how it goes, right? Little does Crystal know that she’s about to see Scott at her grandmother’s engagement party. Yikes!

Things are awkward, to say the least, but as they spend more time together (both impromptu and thanks to Crystal’s grandmother’s devious ways), they get to know one another better and it becomes clear that they have a connection. And their banter is off the charts. Top tier!

But Crystal’s job as an Instagram fitness influencer that’s not a size 2 starts to get in the way of their relationship. While Crystal is confident about her body, how the trolls respond to her and her relationship with Scott once she posts a picture of them is not as stable. She has doubts and those doubts make her question whether being with Scott is a good idea.

Set on You is the sexy gym romance you’ve been waiting for

Luckily, love turns out to be stronger than those doubts.

Set on You is such a fun read. It’s worth reading for the flirty banter alone. But how Crystal and Scott’s relationship develops as they spend time together at family functions and the gym is also very down-to-earth and real.

At first, Crystal thinks a relationship is a terrible idea. She has been burned in the past and doesn’t want to start something with Scott. He respects that and they remain friends. But soon, the connection and heat between them is simply too much to bear.

And while Crystal may doubt the strength of their relationship, Scott doesn’t doubt the world. He just has to convince her that they are perfect for each other.

Besides our two main characters, the supporting characters are also delightful. Crystal’s grandmother is hilarious and fun as are Crystal and Scott’s friends. They really support their relationship. Crystal’s friend and client Mel ends up being part of the reason they finally end up together.

There was really only one frustrating part and that’s when  Crystal begins to let the trolls dictate her life and her relationship. I literally yelled “No, don’t listen to the trolls!” while reading. Scott tries to help when the comments get out of control but she is determined to deal with it herself.

Her feelings and doubts are understandable, of course. Especially for someone whose job is being an online fitness influencer who doesn’t have the “ideal” body. But it was still hard to see her break up with Scott due to her past relationship and because of what strangers were saying online. It’s especially difficult because we, as the reader, know that Scott is completely in love with her and doesn’t care what the trolls say.

Luckily, these moments lead to an incredibly romantic reunion between the two which, of course, happens at the gym.

Overall, Set On You by Amy Lea is a fun, flirty, and hot AF romance. If you’ve been looking for a gym romance or simply a new contemporary romance that will have you hooked from page one, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Set on You is available now in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats.

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