Severance renewed for season 2 at Apple TV+

Severance key art. Courtesy of Apple TV+.
Severance key art. Courtesy of Apple TV+. /

Severance depicts a work-life balance unlike anything else. With season one coming to a close, audiences do not have to worry about the potential unanswered cliffhangers coming at the finale’s end. Apple TV+ has renewed the series for a second season.

Severance follows Mark through his double life. One version of Mark exists in the outside world. He goes about his life still trying to deal with the emotional turmoil of losing his wife a few years previously. The second version of Mark exists only within the walls of Lumon. Neither of Mark’s counterparts has any recollection of what the other version of him is doing.

Although this system has worked for Mark in the past, as the first season progresses, both of Mark’s personas find that they are growing more curious about what is truly happening in and out of work, along with the overall question of what Mark’s job truly is.

Mark is not the only one to deal with these questions. All three of his co-workers, Helly, Irving, and Dylan, have struggled with how the severance procedure has prevented them from living outside of their workplace.

Lumon is filled with secrets from what the company does to the mysterious board that has remained primarily off-screen. The first season’s penultimate episode, “What’s For Dinner?” teased what will likely be a significant game-changer in the finale.

Dylan had already learned that Lumon could activate the work persona outside the office. Dylan discovers this when he wakes up in a closet in his home, accidentally learning his outside counterpart has a son.

After “What’s For Dinner?” Dylan has seemingly activated Mark, Helly, and Irving’s work personas in the outside world, giving them a glimpse of their outer lives.

Season 1’s finale, “The We We Are,” will likely continue with that storyline, giving each of the main characters the chance to learn something about themselves and possibly the company they have been working for.

Whatever cliffhangers or unresolved conflicts “The We We Are” leaves left over, season 2 will have the potential to dive deeper into the world and answer those questions.

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