A Foo Farewell: Social fallout from Foo Fighter’s Drummer Taylor Hawkins tragic death

This should be a post about how the Foo Fighters were named as one of 16 performers for the 2022 Grammy’s, or how the band earned three additional Grammy nominations this year, including Best Rock Song, Best Rock Performance, and Best Rock Album. However, on Friday evening, the band announced via their social media accounts their drummer Taylor Hawkins’s shocking and saddening passing. Hawkins was 50 years old. He is survived through his wife Annabelle Hawkins, along with their two children, son Oliver, and daughter Annabelle Hawkins.

Hawkins last performed with his Foo Brothers on Sunday, March 20, 2022, at Lollapalooza Argentina. The music festival is located in San Isidro. The Foo was scheduled to play at a Columbia music festival later the same night Hawkins’s death was made public. The group’s performance was canceled and several candles were placed upon the stage during what would have been the duration of the Foo’s set. Members of the audience could be seen crying as they mourned Hawkins passing.

No cause of death has been released at this time. With that said, Colombia’s Attorney General’s Office unveiled the preliminary findings of Hawkins’ toxicology report. The urine analysis showed 10 different substances in Hawkins’ system, including antidepressants, THC, and opioids.

Artists across the music world react to Taylor Hawkins’s tragic death.

Musicians and bands across the entire musical spectrum took to social media to share their condolences regarding Hawkins, including Stevie Nicks, Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osbourne, Third Eye Blind, and many others.

A Foo Farewell

The world lost an absolute legend in Hawkins. Although he is gone, his spirit will live on always.  Through his family, bandmates, and all his wonders, he made nearly 30-year-career. Rest in Paradise Taylor Hawkins, continue to rock on up above.