The Hallmark Kitten Bowl is canceled

If you were looking forward to watching a group of adorable kittens, in the annual Hallmark Kitten Bowl, you’re out of luck.  Ahead of Super Bowl LVI that will air this Sunday, (The LA Rams vs. the Cincinnati Bengals) the event that has greatly helped cats find forever homes, has been canceled after eight years.

North Shore Animal League Shelter, along with several others, became upset about the decision made by the network.  During the eight-year tenure of the Kitten Bowl, more than 75,000 animals were adopted, thanks to the many collaborations aligned with nationwide shelters and the program.  And while there are no plans to create “animal-centric” programming in the future, Hallmark will continue to partner with North Shore to provide responsible societal commitments and unwavering support.

Former Crown Media CEO, Bill Abbott sided with the shelters and dedicated viewers.  During his eleven-year period, Abbott brought the Kitten Bowl to life and made it a part of the Hallmark family.  With his transition over to the new media company, GAC, many hope that the beloved special will find its new home at GAC and maybe as soon as 2023.

Abbott tweeted this past Sunday night regarding his disappointment:

“Kitten Bowl was a passion project that everyone involved will always be deeply proud to have been a part of. Grateful we were able to find fur-ever homes for so many. Please continue to support Animal League in their mission to find all these animals loving homes. #GetYourRescueOn and #adopt a furry friend!”

Even though Hallmark dropped the Kitten Bowl from its lineup, the channel made a generous donation of $25,000 to North Shore in honor of the #BettyWhiteChallenge.  While North Shore remains crushed about the ill choice, they’re ‘grateful’ for their gift as well as ‘hopeful’ that the Kitten Bowl will return in the future, according to a statement made by the senior VP of operations, Joanne Yohannan.

For those looking to watch animals rather than the actual game, The Puppy Bowl will be broadcasted on Super Bowl Sunday, both on Animal Planet and Discovery+.

If you are looking to adopt, check out or your local shelters for the available animals seeking forever families.