Interview: Bones Jones was never afraid to make a statement on Project Runway

PROJECT RUNWAY -- "Flower Power" Episode 1904 -- Pictured: Brian “Bones” Jones -- (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/Bravo)
PROJECT RUNWAY -- "Flower Power" Episode 1904 -- Pictured: Brian “Bones” Jones -- (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/Bravo) /

After an impressive first challenge, many Project Runway fans picked Bones Jones as a potential favorite. While he had both ups and downs during the season, one thing was clear. When Bones took the runway, everyone was going to take notice.

Sometimes on Project Runway personality can make a fashion designer stand out at the beginning of the competition. It can make the audience root for a particular designer or wonder what will he say, do or wear next. With Bones, the Project Runway fans were never disappointed.

Recently, Bones Jones spoke to Culturess about his time on Project Runway, the importance of speaking your truth, and those infamous Patties. Just like his time on the show, Bones is unafraid to stand out in a crowd.

While his designs that appeared on the runway had both cheers and sometimes jeers, many people saw that he found a way to take his look beyond what the model was wearing. There were many times when Bones complimented that design and each runway had a signature Bones look thanks to his wigs, aka Patties.

When asked about those Patties, Bones said, “Much was said about the Patties this season, as they really were helpful in more ways than for the audience’s visual pleasure. In my day-to-day life, I sometimes wear hair just as it’s another accessory. The choice to wear them through the season hopefully helped to normalize men wearing wigs. Lastly, I knew haircuts may be few and far between, so pulling a Patti helped with that as well! “

That ability to use hair as an accessory seemly pushed the conversation about style. In some ways, it opened the door to question the art in fashion. When asked about this concept, Bones spoke candidly, “I don’t think that it is important or necessary to see fashion as art. The late Andre (Andre Leon Talley) would say that they are absolutely not one in the same. However, I do think that everything has an opportunity to be or feel like something. Style is an art, so when you combine style and a fab piece, why miss a chance to cherish creation. “

Thinking about style, is one of the areas that sometimes confused with the judges. While many of Bones’ looks impressed, the presentation of those looks sometimes left the judges with questions.

As seen in his final challenge, the photo did not convey the intricacies of the design. In some ways, one of his best designs of the season was blurred by an image that didn’t convey its nuance.

Bones commented, “I do believe my look was the most forward thinking, but I admit that my photograph did not fully meet the challenge. There were a few things that occurred more so making it difficult to achieve the selection of the best photo. For example, there were restrictions as to where and how we could shoot, and secondly we only had 10 minutes to select the photo. In that time the brain is trying to process so many “right decisions.” “

Looking back at this challenge, Bones shared some insight on his color choice on Instagram. Specifically, he said that blue was his favorite color, but it was more than just a preference. Bones shared, “The color blue and the symbolism of the color impact me in more ways than artistically. Representing growth, freedom, stability, trust, etc, blue is a visual for taking a deep breath and centering.”

Those sentiments seem to be woven into some of Bones’ approaches to design. Previously he stated that he looks to change, “the paradigm of luxury and social norms.”

Although that statement seems cerebral, Bones explained that phrase. “Changing the paradigm of luxury, and social norms means, to unlearn the need to possess materialistic things to bring value to our lives. Growing up I was constantly feeling the pressure to have the best of the best in fear of getting teased. Once I learned that luxury is a feeling and of the mind, a lot changed for me in how I show up in society.”

While Bones might have evolved his thinking, there were several occasions on Project Runway where he was unafraid to speak his mind. Although others might not be as willing to be so vocal, Bones believes that there is value in speaking your truth.

Bones said, “I believe having an opinion is necessary, and it is obligatory to voice it when needed. As a child, we often hear stay quiet or in a child’s place, and subconsciously that mentality rolls over into our adulthood. This tends to stifle the growth and expansion of the mind because of the constant suppression. Thoughts and opinions don’t have to be popular, but they do have to be yours. Communication at its finest, which allows a person to better understand your principles and values.”

Although Bones did not earn the Project Runway Season 19 title, there are many opportunities for the fashion designer. Bones shared, “Now that Project Runway is over the focus is using the momentum of this exposure to build a following and customer relationships. I am actively seeking investment for different projects and the production of a collection. Lastly, the ultimate goal would be starting a series showing the process of building a brand, while highlighting other artists and designers of color.”

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