Interview: Dr. Paul Nassif shares how Botched makes positive change

Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow on Botched, photo provided by E!
Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow on Botched, photo provided by E! /

The well-respective surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif has transformed many people’s lives. In the current season of Botched on E! several of the stories are more than just people looking for that glamorous makeover In some cases, the physical changes manifest positive change that allows them to live a fuller life.

Over the years, plastic surgery has become more prevalent. While some people might want to be more discreet with subtle changes, others look to those surgeries as a lifeline to a more fulfilled existence. Those changes can be less about looking glamourous, it is about correcting issues.

Recently, Dr. Nassif spoke to Culturess about the current season of Botched and asked him about what patients should ponder when considering plastic surgery. As seen in the first couple of episodes, not every story is about extreme cases that have the doctors worrying if they can right the wrong. Sometimes it is about giving a patient hope to regain a little normalcy.

As Dr. Nassif spoke about the season’s first episode, there have been patients who have functional issues, like the patient whose skin cancer caused a hole in her face. But, through the reconstructive surgery, the patient was able to have a transformational change that led to a fuller life.

Even though some viewers will focus on the more sensational stories, Dr. Nassif asserts that the heart of the season is about offering patients some “sense of normalcy.” When a person can go from not wanting to leave the house to have a more balanced life, then the surgeries have accomplished their mission.

In some ways, there are some lessons to be appreciated through the various stories. The idea that a single surgery is a miracle cure-all is not the answer. As Dr. Nassif commented, patients need to understand the risks as well as the rewards. Whether it is understanding that things can shift and change over time or understanding that an additional surgery might be needed 20 years down the road, it must take into account more than just wanting to look different.

For Dr. Nassif, he suggested that people need to consider plastic surgery for the right reasons and people need to ponder why and how this choice will impact their lives. As he commented, it is more than just getting a hump on the nose fixed. Asking questions like, is this a healthy change, why is this change important, and even is this surgery affordable should impact the decision.

More importantly, Dr. Nassif wants patients to be realistic when they step into that consultation. While the show Botched might show surgery miracles in some cases, not every story has a picture-perfect ending. Sometimes there has to be compromised and that outcome is acceptable.

Building on that idea is a bigger issue. Just because surgery is successful it doesn’t mean that everything surrounding the person is going to be sunshine and rainbows. A nose without a hump doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after. But, if that change gives a person the confidence to go out and pursue a full life then maybe all the nips and tucks are worth it.

And, what does Dr. Nassif want viewers to take away from watching the new season of Botched? For him, the show has two aspects. First, it is meant to be entertaining. The people’s stories captivate viewers.

Second, Dr. Nassif believes that Botched is an educational and part cautionary tale. There are plenty of lessons to be learned and they could help people make a more informed decision when it comes to plastic surgery.

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Botched airs on E! Tuesdays at 9 p.m. In addition, it can be streamed on Peacock.