AJR’s One More Spectacular Night was Quite Alright

AJR from left to right, Ryan, Jack, and Adam Met (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)
AJR from left to right, Ryan, Jack, and Adam Met (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartRadio) /

2021 was supposed to be different than 2020. The pandemic was supposed to turn a corner, things should have returned to normal. In some places, things operated as if things were normal, but for the most part, things are the same. When AJR announced they would be re-airing their immersive concert experience as the band described originally aired to a paid online audience on December 26, 2020, the captivating event was called AJR’s One Spectacular Night.

When the trio first pitched the idea to fans about re-airing the virtual concert was during an Instagram Live to promote the trio’s two American Music Award nominations. The idea was hit with slight criticism. But, the group appropriately titled the re-air AJR’s One More Spectacular Night.

The show opened with a mega overture, full of songs from the band’s sophomore album The Click and third Neotheater studio albums. It also included a few songs from their latest release OK Orchestra.

AJR One More Spectacular Night Setlist

  • Mega Overture
  • Next up Forever
  • The Entertainment’s Here
  • Bummerland
  • Netflix Trip
  • Sober Up
  • Come Hang Out
  • Weak
  • Karma
  • Break My Face
  • Trumpet Interlude – Three-Thirty, Pitchfork Kids, No Grass Today, Pretender, Call my Dad, Growing Old on Bleecker Street, I’m Ready, Bud Like You, Let the Games Begin, and Beats
  • Turning Out Pt. II
  • Wow, I’m Not Crazy
  • Don’t Throw Out My Legos
  • Birthday party
  • My play
  • Burn the House Down
  • Bang!
  • Dear Winter
  • Finale Can’t Wait to See What You Do Next/100 Bad Days Mashup
  • Snippet of the Mega Overture

I cannot stress enough how captivating, modern, and mesmerizing this live stream was; other fans watching agreed as the message board on the website generated 3.3 million fan reactions. One aspect that particularly stood out was the brothers’ use of aerial acrobatics. Similar to what artist Pink! incorporates into her shows.

The beginning and end of the show were just as spectacular as advertised. Everything sandwiched in-between was a mix of imagination, whimsy, colorful visuals, and a Broadway show. The way the group utilized and manipulated lights and lasers was truly tantalizing. At the end of the show, each brother, along with drummer Chris Berry and Trumpeter Arnetta Johnson, each donned black suits with LED lights in the pastern of a stick-man.

AJR is going on tour in 2022. The tour kick off on April 28, 2022, at the Toyota Music Factory in Dallas, Texas. Tickets are available now.

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If you cannot wait until April, the band will be performing on New Year’s Eve in Mashantucket, Connecticut, at the Grand Theatre at Foxwoods Resort and Casino.