Merry Swiftmas: A romance book for each Taylor Swift era

Pop star Taylor Swift was nominated for an original song for "Cats.''Taylor Swift at Golden Globes
Pop star Taylor Swift was nominated for an original song for "Cats.''Taylor Swift at Golden Globes /
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Taylor Swift Folklore
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Taylor’s final two eras lend themselves to two unique romance books.

The final two albums are everyone’s favorite sister albums, “Folklore” and “Evermore”, which are both such complex albums yet so universally loved. First up is “Folklore” which is an entire album of songs just from Taylor Swift’s mind. While the album focused a lot on the present, it also focused on the past, too. It’s hard to pinpoint one tone that permeates throughout the album which is why it’s so tough to come up with a romance book to pair with it.

Since “Folklore” has been compared to the “cottagecore” aesthetic, it would only be right to feature a book that gave similar vibes. The book I chose was “A Taste of Her Own Medicine” by Tasha L. Harrison. This is a small-town romance between two unlikely partners: one who is beginning anew after a divorce while the second is embarking on a journey of his own. It’s an emotional story featuring a decent amount of family, personal growth, heartbreak, and a lovely romance at this core. Ultimately, this book might not scream “Folklore” but it’s the perfect companion to the album.

The final album is of course, “Evermore” which was her surprise album in 2020. This album gives major winter vibes and does an excellent job, reminiscing on past relationships including “Champagne Problems,” “Cowboy Like Me” and “Tis The Damn Season.” The album tells a lot of stories and has such a magical fairy quality to it which once again lends itself to a similar aesthetic of “Folklore” without being too similar.

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Considering “Evermore’s” release in December and the winter vibes it gives, “White Whiskey Bargain” seems like the perfect book for this era. This book features a lot of angst, focuses on a war between two families, along with having an incredible slow-burn romance. This book also features an extra layer as alcohol is a major factor in the agreement. While the album isn’t particularly sexy, this one does feature some steamy moments and it’s just an excellent book to read during a dreary winter evening.

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Do you have a romance book you relate to a Taylor Swift album? Be sure to let us know in the comments!