Merry Swiftmas: A romance book for each Taylor Swift era

Pop star Taylor Swift was nominated for an original song for "Cats.''Taylor Swift at Golden Globes
Pop star Taylor Swift was nominated for an original song for "Cats.''Taylor Swift at Golden Globes /
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These next two romances spice up Fearless and Speak Now.

“Fearless” was released in 2008 when Taylor was essentially a young adult. That’s why it was tough to find a romance book suited for this one. It wouldn’t be right to feature a young adult book but it didn’t have the college vibe of new adult, either. Instead, I decided to go with the book, “Well Met” by Jen DeLuca. This book follows a woman who moves in with her sister to help raise her niece and the romance she has with her niece’s teacher.

The backdrop of this story is a renaissance fair. It honestly feels perfect for “Love Story.” It’s also about finding new love and jumping headfirst such as “Fearless” and “Jump Then Fall.” The story does focus a lot on her niece, which incorporates “Fifteen” and “Breathe” as the love interest is dealing with grief. Honestly, this book might not be an exact match, but on the whole, it’s a solid match for the “Fearless” album.

As for “Speak Now,” this album was released in 2010 when Taylor was in her early 20s. This one focuses a lot on loss, whether it be of one’s self or a relationship along with the excitement of what’s to come with a new relationship. Honestly, this album is just delightful so picking a book for this era was not easy.

The romance book that I’m recommending for “Speak Now” is “You Deserve Each Other” by Sarah Hogle. This book is a relationship-in-trouble story in which Naomi and Nicholas are engaged but don’t like each other. They decide to play pranks to try and make the other call off the wedding but end up falling back in love. This book gives the wedding vibes of “Speak Now” but also gives some “The Story Of Us,” “Last Kiss” “Better than Revenge” and “Enchanted” moments as well.