Merry Swiftmas: A small business Christmas gift guide

Taylor Swift: Miss Americana on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix
Taylor Swift: Miss Americana on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix /

Picking out Christmas gifts can be hard. Especially when that person is a Taylor Swift fan. Beyond buying an album or something from the merch store, things can be a bit dicey. However, there’s no reason to fret as Swiftmas is the perfect time to try and get those few last-minute gift ideas. In particular, it’s a nice time to decide to shop small.

Why do small businesses offer great last-minute options?

Small businesses have made a huge comeback within the last few years. With the rise of the “side hustle,” more and more people are taking their passions and turning them into cash. In particular, Taylor Swift fans have capitalized on the trend.

The sheer number of Taylor Swift-related gifts on Etsy is astounding and overwhelming. If you’re shopping for someone else, it can be even more frustrating. However, if you’re looking for something special and personal, then small businesses are the way to go. Of course, be aware of shipping times and costs before you order for Christmas.

Before getting started, I do want to note that these are just a few shops I found while doing my research. While I haven’t ordered from them, I did look at reviews and focused shops that would cater to a wide variety of Taylor Swift fans. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them below. If you’re a small shop yourself, feel free to let us know in the comments.

These small shops should be on your Christmas list for the Taylor Swift fan in your life.

If you’re looking for some simple and somewhat subtle Taylor Swift apparel, then “The Crafty Tee Co” could be exactly what you’re looking for. This shop features sweatshirts and t-shirts with Taylor Swift lyrics printed on them. They almost always feature some kind of symbol such as stars, trees, or flowers. If you’re looking for something simple that might not scream Taylor Swift, then “The Crafty Tee Co” might have exactly what you’re looking for.

There are a lot of different options for clothing including those featuring the “Taylor’s Version” moniker like from Ghostly Scene and some that are specific to certain Taylor eras as featured on Three Thirteen.  Taylor can also be seen on shirts that include some of your favorite songs and music videos of hers. These are sold by RavensTShirts.

If clothes aren’t your thing, then maybe you’ll want some Taylor Swift home decor.

With the trend of turning items into book covers, Bookish Albums has you covered with book cover prints inspired by Taylor’s songs. TaylorTreasureArts features prints of Taylor in her different iconic outfits, perfect for putting in a frame. If you want everyone to know you love Taylor Swift, then burning a candle from Brooklyn + Co should do the trick.

If those items don’t do the trick, then you might want to buy some coasters from The Swiftie Shop or you might want to try a custom Taylor Swift Funko pop keychain from Art Off The Paige.

Lastly, it’s time to talk about some Christmas stocking stuffers.

Maybe you’ve already gotten a big gift for your favorite Taylor Swift fan. If so, then Etsy is the perfect place to grab a few stocking stuffers. Blind Gold Rush has tons of Taylor Swift stickers to choose from, whereas ShopGigiandBo has Taylor-inspired bookmarks. Enchanted By Mel has Taylor Swift-themed ornaments, while SomethingGreatJewels has earrings that look like Taylor’s album covers.

The list is endless! I hope you will find something that will make yourself or your favorite Taylor Swift fan happy this holiday season.

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