Locke & Key: Sherri Saum promoted to series regular


Netflix’s original seriesLocke & Key, is making a casting update for its third season. Sherri Saum, who portrays Ellie Whedon, will be returning and promoted to a series regular when the show comes back with its next installment in 2022.

Ellie had played a significant role in season 1. She had been present as the Locke children discovered the power of the keys. Having been deeply involved with them herself as a teenager, along with the Locke children’s father, Rendell, Ellie knows the dangers the Locke kids are edging toward.

Sherri Saum had been missing for most of season 2. At the end of season 1, Tyler, Kinsey, and their friends had thrown Ellie behind the Black Door, believing her to be Dodge. However, it isn’t until much later they discover that Dodge is out and about while Ellie has been thrown through the portal.

However, Ellie does return in the season 2 finale, “The Cliffhanger.” She spends most of her return still stuck appearing as Dodge, and only toward the end does she have the chance to use a key and transform back to her natural appearance. Ellie even reunites with her son, Rufus, before the season’s credits roll.

By promoting Sherri Saum to a series regular for season 3, it creates opportunities for Ellie to once again become more involved, including dealing with the aftermath of being trapped behind the Black Door and how she is going to move forward with her life.

Ellie is also on a shortlist of adults who can remember the magic, so her involvement could help whatever struggle the Locke children may end up in next. In addition, Ellie’s involvement would allow for an experienced and adult perspective.

Considering “The Cliffhanger” ended with the suggestion that Bode may have given his mother the Memory Key, allowing her to recall magic, and Tyler’s decision to forget magic for the sake of a normal life, Ellie’s return may also be a lifesaver considering the new threat in Matheson.

Sherri Saum is also known for her role as Lena Adams Foster in Freeform’s The Fosters and Good Trouble.

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