You can now stay at the iconic Home Alone house with Airbnb

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

Beginning December 7th, you can live like the precocious Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) when you book his childhood home, AKA the Home Alone house through the rental company, Airbnb.  The iconic Winnetka, IL home is 5,389 square feet with six bedrooms and six bathrooms and you’ll have the entire place to yourself.

Awesome and just in time for Christmas!  Because who wants to stay home during the holidays?

To make your stay truly Home Alone authentic, you’ll be given the full Kevin treatment with a dinner of delicious microwavable Kraft mac and cheese and plenty of Chicago’s takeout pizza.  Then, you’ll want to wind down and relax after filling yourself up.  Might we suggest cozying on the recliner and watching the latest Home Alone film installment, Home Sweet Home Alone, which is an exclusive Disney+ release?  Or the first two Home Alone movies?

Don’t forget the ice cream sundae!

After a full day of taking advantage of the residence and living the 8-year old’s dream, you’ll want to sleep in.  You’ll have your choice of any of the six bedrooms, but you’ll probably want to sleep in Mr. and Mrs. McCallister’s bedroom, complete with the four-post bed, fireplace, and the 80’s style TV.

While you make think that staying at such a famous film setting, you’ll think that it comes with a Plaza price.  For a one-night stay, the price is just $25 USD, complete with all the amenities and features.  The features even include the staircase in the entrance foyer and a hanging paint can just in case any police-imitating bandits should come.

You’ll even have a member of McCallister Security for extra comforts, and when you are ready to leave, they’ll even gift you with a Home Alone Lego building set so that you can even build the famous house yourself.

Devin Ratray, who portrayed the eldest McCallister kid and Kevin’s nemesis, Buzz, gave a festive description of the listing for the potential guests.

Many Christmases ago, the McCallisters went to Paris – well, most of us.

Though we’re older and wiser now (I’ve even got my own security firm), we’re never too old for holiday hijinks. So while we’re away on vacation (all of us, this time), I’m inviting one crew of mischief makers to let their inner eight-year-olds run free in my childhood home on Dec. 12. Booking for this one-night stay opens Dec. 7 at 1 p.m. C.T.*

Airbnb, Chicago, and the State of Illinois will adhere to Covid-19 safety protocols so that the visitors’ stay will not only be fun and memorable but safe as well.

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