NBC renews time traveling drama La Brea for a second season

LA BREA -- Pictured: "La Brea" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC Entertainment)
LA BREA -- Pictured: "La Brea" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC Entertainment) /

NBC’s La Brea quickly established itself as one of the Fall television season’s most exciting entries, a twisty drama in which several people have been transported back to the year 10,000 BC after falling through a Los Angeles sinkhole. The series has set up numerous questions, and luckily for fans, they have another year to discover the truths behind the mysteries as La Brea has been officially renewed for a second season by the Peacock network.

The series follows a ragtag group of survivors, including Eve Harris and her son Josh, whose family is desperately trying to reach them back in their present-day world. Eve’s husband, Gavin, who had been having visions of a mysterious place for years, finally understands the gift he has been given when those visions lead him to understand his wife and son, along with their fellow survivors, remain alive.

The show also plays with the concept of being stuck in 10,000 BC, with Gavin and scientists in the present-day discovering details, such as Eve’s ring or the plane the survivors nearly took to escape the sinkhole.

The plane disappeared from the present-day wreckage when the group was prevented from flying out of the sinkhole.

La Brea has posed several questions about the possibilities of other sinkholes and the hope of escape, suggesting that Gavin’s past may also be connected to the events that are occurring.

A second season has the potential to expand the world and meet with other surviving characters that have not had the chance to be in the spotlight yet. Still, La Brea has suggested answers to many of its questions reasonably quickly, and if it continues going at this pace, there may be far more involved in the show’s universe than expected.

Hopefully, La Brea will continue to provide significant questions and answers to the group’s occurrences while keeping the story moving forward.

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La Brea airs Tuesdays on NBC.