Haida becomes his own in Aggretsuko season 4 trailer

Aggretsuko Photo Courtesy: Netflix
Aggretsuko Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

Season four of the Sanrio/Netflix anime Aggretsuko promises to be the strongest one yet.  We are finally going to meet the mysterious new company CEO who was front and center on the season 4 poster in the brand new trailer.  Not only that, Haida (the spotted hyena) has been upgraded from a side character to having a major narrative of his own.

In September, Netflix revealed the poster for the newest Aggretsuko season, along with the premiere month.  The twenty-five-year-old red panda Retsuko is side-by-side with Haida, with the new boss, Himoro, (the new CEO) looming over them.  In the background, other character favorites are eyeing them.  Well, nearly everyone.  Fenneko the Fennec Fox is looking down on her phone.

The fourth season is coming out on December 16th exclusively on Netflix.  The trailer reveals plenty of surprises, as well as a solidified main character arc for Haida.  It is high due that he got his storyline outside of just being a potential love interest for Retsuko.  Additionally, she is not the only one who has musical talent.  Haida is seen playing bass in a punk rock band, along with trying to climb up the corporate ladder at his job.

As for Retsuko herself, it appears she has gone undercover to scoop up intel about the new guy and even looks cute doing it.

Take a look at the season four trailer.  And if you cannot understand Japenese, there are English subtitles.

The more curious question is that despite Haida’s new protagonist role, is will he and Retsuko become a couple like he always dreamed of?  Or will she just turn him down as she had in the past seasons?

And what about that wedding sequence and what does it reflect?

We will learn soon enough when December 16th rolls around.  In the meantime, the past three seasons of Aggretsuko can be streamed on Netflix.

For your consideration, Aggretsuko was created by artist Yeti for the Sanrio company and the series is directed by Japanese director Rarecho.

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