How to watch The Great Christmas Switch on GAC Family

Sarah Lind and Dillon Casey in The Great Christmas Switch. Photo: GAC Family
Sarah Lind and Dillon Casey in The Great Christmas Switch. Photo: GAC Family /

The Great American Christmas continues on GAC Family with The Great Christmas Switch. This charming tale features Sarah Lind and Dillon Casey in a story about twin sisters who end up swapping places, only to discover that the grass isn’t always greener.

The movie premieres Saturday, November 6, at 8pm ET on GAC Living.

What is The Great Christmas Switch on GAC Family about?

Here’s the official synopsis of The Great Christmas Switch from GAC Family: “In The Great Christmas Switch, Kaelynn and Sophia are identical twins who have grown up believing the other has the more glamorous life. Kaelynn sometimes feels unappreciated in her non-stop world of kids and to do’s. Sophia is laid back to the point of paralysis and cannot seem to assemble the basics of life: a healthy work/life balance and evolved relationships. When Sophia tells her twin she’s had to cancel her Christmas vacation to stay in San Diego to work, Kaelynn jumps at the chance to flee the frost of Ohio to take her sister’s place. With her sister’s kids with their dad for Christmas, Sophia believes her only job will be to watch holiday movies by the fire. Kaelynn feels confident her demanding day-to-day has prepared her for Sophia’s grinchy boss and flaky friends. Then, reality sets in! With the familiar turned upside down, it will take a Christmas miracle to make it alright again.”

Sarah Lind has appeared in several shows and movies, including Edgemont, Severed and A Simple Curve. She’s also stepped behind the camera to direct a short film, Exquisite Shorts. Horror fans might recall her chilling performance as Molly Hartley in 2015’s The Exorcism of Molly Hartley.

Texas native Dillon Casey played Sean Pierce on Nikita from 2011-2013, and he also starred in Backpackers and Designated Survivor. He also appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Another Life, in addition to his many other roles.

Watch the trailer for The Great Christmas Switch on GAC Family

The Great Christmas Switch debuts Saturday, November 6 at 8pm ET on GAC Living. If you miss the premiere, it will play again throughout the Great American Christmas celebration so check your local listings to see when it will be on again.

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