Passionflix releases the first teaser for Driven season 3

Michael Roark, Olivia Applegate in Driven
Michael Roark, Olivia Applegate in Driven /

Fans of K. Bromberg’s Driven Series are getting the first look at Driven Season 3 thanks to a new teaser released today by Passionflix. The teaser, though brief, features the initial moments and the aftermath of the big crash that will be front and center in Colton and Rylee’s story in the new season.

Driven stars Olivia Applegate as Rylee and Michael S. Roark as racing’s resident superstar bad boy Colton Donavan. The second season premiered in July 2021 after Driven’s director Tosca Musk filmed season 2 and 3 toward the end of 2020.

Everything was going along so well for Colton and Rylee at the end of season 2. Colton was finally able to tell Rylee how he feels about her ahead of his big race. Things were going fine until his car was caught up in an accident on the track, sending him flying end over end while a terrified Rylee watched from the pit.

The teaser reveals that Driven Season 3 will premiere in May 2022.

Watch: Driven Season 3 teaser from Passionflix

In the teaser, the force of the accident becomes painstakingly clear as we see the smoldering remains of Colton’s car, the CDRaceworks logo on display as a tire rolls across the track.. Colton seems to understand how dire the situation is as we see him open his eye and look around.

But he’s alive. That’s all that matters.

The Passionflix team has been giving fans lots of exciting content over the past week or so, ranging from a brand new movie (Tara Sivec’s Seduction & Snacks) to the smoldering trailer for the first installment of Gabriel’s Rapture, which arrives November 24.

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It’s an exciting time to be a Passionflix fan, with lots of projects in the works as the company gets back on track after all of the delays that came from the pandemic.