First look of Being The Ricardos starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem

“You know, I did this show so that Desi and I could be together. I had no idea it was going to be a hit.”

Amazon Studios released the first look at the upcoming I Love Lucy drama, Being The Ricardos, starring Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball and Javier Bardem as her bandleader husband, Desi Arnaz.  In the trailer, Kidman breathes new life in the legendary comedienne while emulating a serious tone while Bardem captivates and charms his way in as the Cuban bandleader. The movie depicts events during a production week of the couple’s comedy, I Love Lucy, and glimpses of both their personal and professional lives.  It goes beyond just simple couple drama as the issues arising can destroy both their marriage and lucrative careers.

The film was written and directed by Aaron Sorkin and has an in-theater release date of December 10th with an Amazon Prime streaming date of December 11th.

In addition to the trailer, the official poster was also released, showing Bardem and Kidman in profile and sitting in directors’ chairs.

Moreso, Lucille and Desi’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz gave her approval of the movie.  In an Instagram video, posted on October 15th or I Love Lucy Day, Lucie stated while the film was not a “cradle-to-the-grave biopic”, it does capture the essence of the time (1950s Hollywood) and the spirit of her famous and trail-blazing parents.

Being The Ricardos also stars JK Simmons as William Frawley, Nina Arijanda as Vivian Vance, and Alia Shawkat as one of the first woman TV writers, and for I Love Lucy, Madelyn Pugh.

The CBS show not only became “a hit.”  I Love Lucy became a cultural phenomenon and opened several doors for future television projects.

Earlier this year, Mattel released a limited edition Lucille Ball doll in celebration of I Love Lucy‘s 70th anniversary.

What do you think of Javier Bardem and Nicole Kidman as the famous couple?  Were they the right choice to play the roles? And, just for fun, what are your favorite I Love Lucy episodes?  Let us know in the comments.