10 October romance releases to fall in love with this month

Payback's a Witch by Lana Harper. Image courtesy Penguin Random House
Payback's a Witch by Lana Harper. Image courtesy Penguin Random House /
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October 2021 release: Well Matched by Jen DeLuca

Jen DeLuca returns to the romance scene this month with the third book in her Well Met series, Well MatchedA love letter to the romance genre and Renaissance fairs, Well Matched is a must-read release for any reader who makes a point of dressing up in flower crowns and costumes every year.

The novel follows April Parker, a single mom who’s about to take advantage of an empty nest by moving away from her small town. She enlists her friend Mitch Malone to help her fix up her home before the move, and he asks for a favor in return: to pose as his girlfriend during a family dinner.

That’s right, on top of Renaissance fun, Well Matched features the fake-dating trope — and in the best way possible. Mitch doesn’t want to hear about how he needs to “settle down” from his family, so he and April pretend he’s on the way to doing so.

Of course, April and Mitch’s fake romance comes to an end after the family gathering. However, when April volunteers for the local Renaissance Faire and runs into the group, she jumps into Mitch’s arms once again — and this time doesn’t feel like pretend:

"“Despite their obvious connection, April insists they’ve just been putting on an act. But when there’s the chance for something real, she has to decide whether to change her plans — and open her heart — for the kilt-wearing hunk who might just be the love of her life.”"

It seems the pair could fall in love for real during the Renaissance Faire. What better backdrop could romance readers ask for?

Well Matched arrives in print, ebook, and audiobook format on Oct. 19.